3 simple tips for an eco friendly Easter

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You know me, I love any reason to get my loved ones together for a day full of fun, food and family time, so it’s safe to say I’m very excited for Easter! But like every holiday, our weekend of joy results in tonnes of waste from single use plastic, leftover food and those pesky carbon emissions. I’m always trying my best to do things a bit more sustainably, and that doesn’t stop at the holidays! There’s a few things I’ll be doing a bit differently this year (and you can too!) so keep on reading for my top 3 tips for having an eco-friendly Easter.


1. Cut out the plastic

I’m talking about those cheap Easter eggs with about 20 layers of packaging - we all know the ones! Thankfully, supermarkets like Asda, Co-op and Aldi have caught on to just how much waste these products create (which is a lot!) and have released their own range of eco-friendly Easter eggs. Meaning you don’t have to spend a fortune on quirky online brands to do your bit, you can do it in your local supermarket, with names you already know!

As well as all that plastic rubbish, we could do with cutting out another kind of plastic rubbish - the cheap and cheerful decor that catches our eye in the shops. I’m guilty of having a wander over to the seasonal aisle to see what’s new, only to be greeted by a load of poorly made, plastic tat! Instead of wasting your money on cheap decor you’ll throw out as soon as the holiday is over, why not invest in some nicer, sustainable bits and pieces you can reuse again next year? Or better yet, get your craft on and make your decor yourself! I’m going to have a crack (pardon the pun!) at making some crochet eggs with yarn from an old cardi - wish me luck!

For those with little ones (I’m a bit past that now!) if you're using the plastic hollow eggs to hide treats for your Easter egg hunt, be sure to keep them to reuse next year! Not only is it saving you money, but it saves all of those plastic shells from ending up in our oceans, where they’ll bob about on the surface for centuries to come.


2. Shop local

I always look forward to hosting the whole family at my house for a big Easter lunch. But all of that food needs to be bought somewhere, doesn’t it? I’ll be getting my whole shop from local suppliers - veg from the greengrocers and lamb from the butchers. Not only is it often better quality, but by shopping local, you’re supporting small businesses and helping to reduce those pesky carbon emissions, seeing as though their produce usually comes from closer afield. Win, win, I say!

When it comes to the sweet stuff, the same applies - shop local! If you can’t find any yummy treats in your local shops, why not make your own and turn it into a lovely family activity? Not only are you saving unnecessary waste from plastic packaging, but you can also control exactly what goes into them! I love a big slice of carrot cake and hot cross buns at Easter, but I always end up picking out the raisins and sultanas (unpopular opinion?). Well, this year, I’m making my own and leaving them out of the recipe! How easy!


3. Swap out eggs for pebbles

It’s a long standing tradition to paint eggs with funny illustrations or quirky patterns at Easter - I still remember the competitions we used to have as kids! But just think about how many funky (looking and smelling!) hard boiled eggs are thrown away after sitting out on display for a few days? A lot, I reckon!

Well, have you ever thought about painting pebbles instead? As long as you’re using non-toxic paints, this option is the most sustainable Easter activity you can get involved with! Keep your painted pebbles to reuse again next year, or paint over them at the next holiday. Earth Day is April 22nd - I know what I’ll be painting mine as!

Why not take the family on a stroll after your Easter lunch and get everyone to keep an eye out for their chosen pebble - then come home and host your very own painted pebble competition! The loser has to wash the dishes…


Hopefully I’ve given you a few ideas on how you can have a more eco-friendly Easter whilst still having loads of fun! Be sure to tag us on social media in any eco-friendly Easter tips or activities you get up to, and have a lovely Easter from all of us here at Hug at Home.


Busy Lizzie x