Our Story



We’re not a typical online retailer we are actually a British Manufacturer – Phoenox Textiles. We love products made of natural or recycled materials and we love to make them here in the UK. Hug Rug has a loyal set of gorgeous customers and we were constantly being asked what else can we make so we introduced Hug At Home, an ever growing collection of natural and sustainable products for all around your home. When deciding which products can make it onto Hug At Home we always ask – DOES IT GIVE US A HUG? If the answer is yes then we’ll add it to our collections.

Yorkshire Born & Bred

The main thing about true Yorkshire folk isn’t that they are tight (well maybe a little!) it’s that they are PROUD of who they are and where they come from. As we’ve said we are Phoenox Textiles, manufacturing from our mills in Huddersfield, Yorkshire and proud to say we’ve been making rugs and carpets since 1954, so it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about floor coverings. West Yorkshire has always been at the heart of the UK’s textile industry and we are fortunate that most of our workforce comes from the local community, offering knowledge, experience and skills which have been passed down through the generations. How we make things is as important as what we make, the natural beauty of our Pennine location has inspired us to minimise our environmental impact during production and create products that reduce waste and protect scarce natural materials – we are now a ZERO waste to landfill business.

Reuse and recycle natural materials – that’s not just our Yorkshire “make do and mend” attitude it’s about taking responsibility for our future and looking at how we can give you products you’ll love, that work well, last and do as little harm to the environment as possible.

It's All About Family

Our family established Phoenox Textiles in 1954. Jack Mosley was a local weaver who began by making fabric for bus seats and traditional hearth rugs that were woven from locally sourced wool, acrylic, and cotton from Lancashire. A true family business, Jack’s son, David, focused on production, new products and securing new contracts. He is well remembered by staff that still work here for his renditions of ‘Oh Danny Boy’ as he toured the factory. Having started with just ten staff the company now employs over 200 people across its two locations. Phoenox is now managed by a third generation of the family - Adrian, Charles and Liz Mosley who had the brilliant idea of bringing our lovely products direct you through Hug At Home, now with a 4th generation recently joining the team we hope to bring you even more fabulous products.