Rug Size Guide

Find the Perfect Rug Size For Any Room

We understand that finding the right size rug for a room can be hard as there are so many different options to choose from and so many more factors to consider, such as room layout and the position of the rug. Turns out choosing a new rug is not as simple as you might have thought it would be!

Well fear not as we’ve created a handy little guide when it comes to our rug sizes so you know exactly how they might look in your home. We appreciate that your furniture may vary from the diagrams below, but hopefully this will provide a basic guide to the size and proportion of our rugs, so that you can choose a rug that’ll not only look fabulous, but also fits!

If you need any more help or information about our rug sizes, please contact a member of our lovely team on 01484 959 301, they’d be more than happy to help.

Living Room

When picking out the right rug size for your living room it’s important to think about the furniture and the layout of your room. A living room rug can really help to define the space, providing a warm, cosy and inviting atmosphere. Plus it can give your living room an instant transformation without much effort required!

It’s recommended that at least the front legs of your furniture, such as sofas and chairs, should rest on a rug. Larger 200x300cm or 160x230cm rugs work perfectly in these situations, pulling the room together and creating a defined seating area.

In smaller living room spaces, choose a 120x170cm or 80x150cm rug and place these directly in front of your furniture to fill some of that empty space and bring some stylish decor to the room.

An illustration showing the sizes of different rugs compared to living room furniture

Dining Room

We expect that the focus point of your dining room is naturally going to be your dining table, so your choice of rug size should be based around this. Pop your desired rug underneath your table, with all of the furniture on top of it to frame your dining area. A dining room rug should be large enough so that all of your chairs sit entirely on it, even when pulled out from the table!

If you have a larger dining room table (one that fits 6 or more), choose a 160x230cm or 200x300cm rug. For medium size tables that usually fit 4, a 120x170cm rug works perfectly well in this situation and means that all of the furniture will still sit on top of the rug. 

For those that are limited in space with smaller dining tables but still wish to add an element of style to their dining room, you too can still enjoy a cosy rug under your table. Simply take a 80x150cm rug and pop this underneath the table legs.

An illustration showing the sizes of different rugs compared to dining room furniture


Looking to introduce a rug to your bedroom? The best area to position a bedroom rug is near or under the bed, helping to provide some extra warmth and comfort for your feet when you get up on those chilly mornings. 

If you have a larger bedroom and wish to create the ultimate cosy space, place a 200x300cm rug directly beneath your bed and bedside tables. If your bedroom is a bit on the smaller side however, don’t worry as you can still create a similar effect with a 160x230cm rug placed underneath the front legs of the bed. This way your bed will still be surrounded at the edges to provide you with that cosy and warm feeling when waking up.

Or perhaps you could select a smaller 120x170cm or 80x150cm rug to be used as borders around your bed? Using multiple rugs to frame both sides of your bed is a great idea as this offers additional comfy padding and a well-framed area in the bedroom. 

An illustration showing the sizes of different rugs compared to bedroom furniture


Consider placing runner rugs in other locations throughout your home, such as down narrow hallways or in front of your patio doors. Using a 67x200cm runner in these spaces will provide an extra element of comfort and style, as well as being a practical addition to high traffic areas to keep your floors nice and clean!

Do you have the perfect rug size in mind but can’t find it anywhere? We can help with that! We offer a bespoke service for some of our product ranges as we’re dedicated to helping our customers' dreams come true and providing them with the ideal rug for their home. Simply get in touch and one of our friendly team members here at Hug at Home will be happy to help!

An illustration showing the sizes of different rugs in different areas across the home

Choose Your Style

Now that you know what rug size you need for your home, take a look at our gorgeous collection of rugs that are available in a variety of designs, colours and materials.

Whether you’re looking for a big area rug that’ll make your living room even more cosy or a runner to add the finishing touch to your hallway, you’re sure to find a rug you’ll love in our collection!