Q:How do I look after my Hug Rug?
A:By giving your Hug Rug love and care it will last and last, if it gets muddy simply shake off the loose bits and let the mud dry, then vacuum it away, often that is all that’s needed. If you need to wash the Hug Rug please see Caring for your rug for full details. 
Q:How is my Hug Rug made?
A:Well we’re glad you asked – Hug Rugs are made using eco-friendly materials. We use recycled cotton for the fibres, recycled bottle tops for the webbing and recycled industrial plastic for the rubber backing. For more details and to learn about our other products go to Why our mats & rugs are fabulous
Q:An item that I want to order is out of stock, will you be getting any more?
A:More than likely we will. If the item is coming back into stock, you will see an option to ‘Notify
Me When Available’. Click on this and we will send you an email when that particular design and size is back in stock. We do sometimes discontinue designs but only replace them with even more fabulous ones.
Q:How do I redeem a promotional code offer?
A:All discount codes and vouchers are redeemed at checkout. Please enter your promotional or e-voucher code into the relevant box at checkout below your shopping bag summary, ensuring that you click 'Apply’ before proceeding. Please note only one promotional or voucher code can be used per order and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions/sales.
Q:I don't like ordering online can I place a telephone order?
A:Of course you can, just call our helpful customer service team on 01484 959 301, and we will be happy to help.
Q:What is the depth of the Hug Rug?
A:Hug Rugs are approximately 1cm in depth when brushed up and are flattened slightly when walked on.
Q:I have received a faulty rug, what should I do?
A:We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products, so any faulty items are unusual, and we’re extremely sorry if they haven’t lived up to your expectations. Please email us any images of the faulty item and we will liaise directly with our designers and manufacturers to flag any faults. Please include your order number in the email so we can get in touch with you regarding a replacement.
Q:How do I return my Hug Rug?
A:If for some reason you need to return your Hug Rug please see our returns page on how to do this or contact our helpful Hug Team on 01484 959 301 to discuss the options. 
Q:Can my Hug Rug be washed?
A:They certainly can! Wash them at 30ºC, then dry them out flat or by hanging them. Please see Caring for your rug for full details on how to wash your Hug Rug.
Q:Do you supply samples?
A:Yes, we can supply samples for the following Hug Rug ranges - Original Plain, Plain Candy, Select, Select Patterned and Sense range. We can provide Hug Rug Woven colour swatches, and My Rug colour samples. We also offer some of the samples from the Rug Guru collection, available at £6. To find out more about samples give our team a call on 01484 959 301. 
Q:Can Hug Rugs go on certain brands of flooring, e.g. Karndean flooring (LVT), laminate flooring etc?
A:Karndean do not recommend rubber backed products, however with all mats if you were to use a Hug Rug lift them regularly to allow airflow beneath them but they must be used at owners discretion – we cannot accept responsibility for any damage to flooring. Hug Rugs can be used with under floor heating.
Q:Do Hug Rugs slip/move when placed on carpets?
A:There can be slight movement when placed on carpet.
Q:Am I able to cut Hug Rugs to size?
A:Yes. When cutting a Hug Rug to size it is always recommend to cut slightly larger than necessary (or wash before cutting), due to possible shrinkage after washing the Hug Rug.  Shrinkage is unusual, however as with all textiles, can occur. Please ensure to use a sharp blade to get a clean edge when cutting. Our mats are tufted into very small loops so if one half is cut, the other half will come out but this is the most fraying which will occur. 
Q:Do you make bespoke sizes?
A:We manufacture bespoke sizes for some of our ranges, please see our Bespoke Sizes page for more information or contact the our lovely team - info@hugathome.co.uk or call us on 01484 959 301.
Q:Can I recycle my Hug Rug?
A:When your Hug Rug has come to the end of its life, it can be recycled at your local council textile recycling bins – many councils offer this service at their recycling plants.