5 Interesting Facts About King Charles III

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The King’s Coronation is right around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to a day of pomp and pageantry celebrating our wonderful country. The sights around the country for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last year were fabulous and I can’t wait to see bunting hung up everywhere and neighbours coming together for street parties again. It really makes me proud to be British!

Now I’m far too young to remember the last time our great country had a coronation for the British Monarch, however Ady’s Grandad certainly could and he actually established Phoenox Textiles only a year after Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. As avid royalists, we’d often chat about it and he’d tell me how wonderful the event was and how swathes of red, white and blue filled the streets. It was also one of the first big events that he remembers watching on TV! I was always super jealous of how he got to witness it, so I’m really excited for the upcoming Coronation.

When I think about it, It’s amazing how long we have been manufacturing items from our mills in Huddersfield (nearly 70 years!) but unlike the monarchy in that time, we’re on to our third generation in charge now, with a fourth coming through the ranks! But just like the monarchy, we believe in continuing traditions and that’s why we’ve remained a close-knitted family business after all these years and continued to manufacture products from natural resources. I know Ady’s Grandad would be so proud of the family.

He was certainly proud of our country’s Royal family and he’d always be sharing interesting facts about each of the family members whenever we talked. So in preparation for the Coronation (alongside planning our party) I’ve gathered a few interesting facts about our new Monarch that you might not know…

He Loves A Bit of Disco

Our new King loves a boogie and just like me, he’s got a taste for disco music in particular. In an interview with UK Hospital Radio in 2021, he revealed his musical tastes which included Diana Ross and The Three Degrees song, ‘Givin’ Up, Givin’ In’ which was noted as a song that gives him ‘an irresistible urge to get up and dance’. Me too Charles, me too.

Disco Ball

He Has A Frog Named After Him

Charles has always been an advocate for the environment (good on him). His continued rainforest advocacy led to a newly discovered tree frog species being named after him in 2012. The Hyloscirtus princecharlesi (now that’s a mouthful) is considered an endangered species, so is exactly the type of animal that the new King’s tireless work has been aiming to help throughout all these years.

Green Frog On A Stick

His Car Runs on Wine!

Now I can certainly think of a much better use of wine that’s for sure, but I suppose I had better praise Charles for his ingenious use of natural and non harmful materials to power his gorgeous Aston Martin DB6. He’s had the car for nearly 53 years now and in his efforts to reduce his carbon footprint, had it retrofitted to run on out of date wine and cheese whey. Further praise has to go his way for actually managing to let wine go out of date!

Pouring Red Win Into A Glass

He Wrote A Children's Book

Yep that’s right, back in the 80’s (also before my time…honestly!), our new King wrote a children’s book called ‘The Old Man of Lochnagar’. Its story revolves around an old man who lives in a cave near the Lochnagar mountain. 

Charles used to tell his younger brothers the story to keep them entertained, which I think is rather cute! Since it was published, the book has gone on to become a short film for the BBC, a musical stage play and even a ballet! He’s rather talented our new King isn’t he?

Girl Reading Book On Hare Hug Rug

He Has An Interesting Tree Planting Ritual

King Charles has planted many trees during his life as part of his royal duties. But did you know that after planting each and every one, he wishes them well by giving them a friendly pat on the bark (sorry) by giving each and every branch a gentle shake. He’s a cutie ain’t he?

Dog At The Front Door With Topiary Hug Rug

Who knew our new King had so many tricks up his sleeve? Now to get planning my Coronation party, I’ve already got the bunting sorted and my tasty lemon and gin drizzle cake will be making an appearance too. I just need Ady to check the garage to make sure we have enough chairs for everyone now, so have a great week everyone!

 Busy Lizzie x