5 Products That Are Perfect For Autumn!

Busy Lizzie @

I absolutely LOVE autumn. There’s nothing quite like swapping your sandals for some comfy fleece-lined boots, living in fluffy jumpers, and dunking Digestives in a hot brew, whatever the time of day! I also take great pleasure in buying myself a few little treats - indulging in some homely luxuries to make my house feel as ready for autumn as I am! 

So, although I love everything we sell here at Hug At Home, I thought I’d share some of my favourite products that I think everyone would benefit from this season. 

A Hug Rug

If you didn’t already know, I always have a Hug Rug by the door! They look fabulous and they serve a very important function - to keep mud out of my house! Soggy leaves are a given this time of year, but with a Hug Rug, you can leave dirt at the door. Hug Rugs are made from recycled materials (which makes them even better) and are designed to absorb moisture and trap up to 95% of dirt, dust and mud. How good is that?

We have a gorgeous range of designs available in various colours and patterns, but I’m a huge fan of our Nature 14 rug, which I think looks perfect in the entrance of your home in Autumn! 


A Snuggly Throw

Is it even possible to get cosy on the sofa without a snuggly throw? Forget putting the heating on! We have a range of soft, warm and cosy throws to keep you feeling content all year round (but especially from September ‘til about March!). 

If you’re looking for a little luxury, we have a lovely collection of wool throws, made from the finest quality lambswool yarn and finished with a blanket stitch edge. They are seriously soft and are perfect for getting cosy under on the couch or draping over your bed. 

A New Pet Bed

Why should we be the only ones getting cosy? Treat your four-legged friend (or friends) to a new bed this season and let them live in a lap of luxury (unless they prefer to live in your lap!). Made from recycled plastic bottles, our pet beds are naturally stain and mould resistant. They also have easily removable and washable covers, so they’re super easy to maintain! No matter how muddy your fur baby gets outside.

Luxury Bath Towels

Getting out of the shower or bath in autumn/winter can feel like an extreme sport - running from the bathroom to the bedroom in a desperate attempt to get dry and warm before your lips turn blue. Well not in our house - not anymore, anyway! Our luxury bath towels are such good quality, they’re thick enough to keep you nice and toasty! They’re made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, and they’re sooo soft. 

They’re also environmentally friendly. Winner, winner, get me out of the bath and a glass of wine in my hand before dinner! 

A Pheasant Apron

Okay, this sounds very specific, but hear me out! Here at Hug at Home, we have a great range of kitchen accessories, like mugs, tea towels, oven gloves, and aprons! And my favourite - specifically for autumn - is our Pheasant apron! It’s perfect to wear when you’re rustling up a batch of pumpkin spice muffins or a delicious apple crumble. 

Right then, that’s it for now! I’ve made myself hungry talking about baking, and for some reason, I fancy a bubble bath and a glass of red. How strange! 

Busy Lizzie x