5 things to consider when choosing the perfect pet mat

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We all love our four legged friends, but theyre not the cleanest of house guests! Thats where a pet mat comes in - a handy addition to your home that can make life so much easier… if you choose the right one, that is! But how do you go about choosing the perfect pet mat? Heres 5 things you should definitely consider when making your decision…

1. Washable

Hug Rug Pet 10

Whos got the time to be hand washing muddy furnishings? Not me - they dont call me Busy Lizzie for nothing! Gone are the days of chucking out your new mat because your pet decided to have a piddle on it, the perfect pet mat is one that makes your life easier. Because our Hug Rugs are machine washable, I can just pop ours in the wash when it gets mucky (which is almost everyday in this house!), then sit back and let the machine do all the work! How easy is that? No expensive dry cleaning, no ugly stains and, best of all, no waste!


2. Non-slip

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The kids might think zoomies are funny, but theyre not the ones tidying up after! Has your pup ever had a bad case of the zoomies and decided to rearrange your furnishings in the process? Youll need a non-slip mat or rug if you want your energetic pets to leave your nice, tidy home as they found it! Not to worry, as all of our Hug Rugs boast a non-slip rubber backing, made out of post industrial plastics! Waste not, want not, as they say!

Not only is a non-slip mat the best to keep your home tidy, it's better for your pet's joints. Our pets can't grip on slippery floors, and constant slipping is hard on their little joints - poor things! 


3. Dirt trapping & absorbent 

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Even if your pet isnt the type to roll about in the mud or dig up any flowerbeds, they still manage to traipse in all sorts! Wed all love a clean house 100% of the time, but Ive got more chance of winning the lottery before that happens. In the meantime, I keep my home (relatively!) clean by placing a Hug Rug at the front door to catch everything my mucky pup brings in. 

We love our fur babies, but unconditional love doesnt stop soggy paws! When looking for the perfect pet mat, youll need something that can soak up any messes or accidents. Our Hug Rugs have added absorbent microfibres in the tufting that can hold up to 3x their own weight in water allowing the Hug Rug to trap up to 95% of dirt, dust and mud on the bottom of your pups paws. Now thats what you call a perfect pet mat!


4. Durable

Theres nothing better than your pet greeting you at the door with lots of cuddles and kisses after a long day, except for when their excited little legs accidentally wear your doormat down in the process! Think of all the traffic your mat endures everyday, you need one thats going to last.

Because we manufacture our Hug Rugs right here in glorious Yorkshire, we check the quality of each and every mat to make sure they meet our high standards (and Ive got very high standards, just ask Ady!) before theyre sent off to our fabulous customers. And if thats not enough, we stand by the quality of our Hug Rugs so much so we give every single one a 5 year guarantee! That's at least 5 years of wonderful, washable hugs!

Hug Rug Pet 10 mat


5. Cosy

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The perfect pet mat isnt just for trapping dirt and absorbing moisture, its also somewhere for your furry friend to rest their head from time to time! My Bob loves a cheeky snooze on the runner we placed in front of the fireplace, probably more so than his bed!

Our Hug Rugs are made from the super soft recycled cotton tufts, making them eco friendly as well as cosy! The super soft pile makes them perfect for an afternoon snooze. 

Hopefully Ive given you much to think about when choosing your perfect pet mat. Be sure to tag us in any photos on social media, we love to see your gorgeous pets enjoying our Hug Rugs!


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