5 things to do to prepare your home for Autumn

Busy Lizzie @

Home to pumpkin carving, trick or treating and Bonfire night, Autumn is a season filled with family celebrations, yummy treats and cosy evenings (everything I love!). But, if you’re a busy bee like me, you might not have time to prepare for this fabulous season...

Well, fear not (except for October 31st)! Here’s 5 things I do to make the most of this wonderful time of year.


1. Keep heat inside

Lower temperatures usually mean higher heating bills, but if us Yorkshire folk know anything, it’s how to spend our money wisely! There’s lots of things you can do to keep that much needed warmth inside your home, and I'm not suggesting splashing out on new insulation or double glazing, I’m talking about those nifty little draught stoppers! Pop them in front of any gaps in your doors to stop nippy breezes from sneaking through. You can get them in all sorts of trendy designs - I’ve even got one shaped like a sausage dog! Although it does tend to confuse Bob and Nelly...

A change of seasons also gives you an excuse to revamp the decor, not like I need an excuse! By hanging big curtains in front of your cold windows and covering bare floors with fluffy rugs, you’re not only giving your home a trendy makeover, but you’re also adding some well needed heat trappers to your house!


2. Introduce the scent of Autumn

If you ask me what the best thing about Autumn is, my answer will always be the amazing scents. I always think of dried fruits and sweet spices my mum used to pop around the house when I was young. I remember thinking how ugly and wrinkly they looked, but now I definitely see their beauty! If you don’t want wrinkly garlands dotted around your house, why not go for the next best thing and buy some lovely scented candles or wax melts!

You could also bake some Autumn inspired treats and let the oven create those sweet, seasonal smells. I’ve already mastered cinnamon swirl rolls and apple crumble (double yum!) but this year I’ve challenged myself to master the perfect pumpkin pie - I thought I could put the innards of our spooky pumpkin carving to good use - waste not want not!


3. Clear gutters and driveways of fallen leaves

Those lovely golden leaves end up in some not so lovely places, especially if you have trees near your house. A clogged gutter is not what we want to deal with when cosying up on a chilly night with a pumpkin spiced latte, so it’s best to get ahead while you can. Slip on your grubbiest gardening gloves, grab your bucket, prop up your ladder and get to work (well, I won’t be doing this, but I’ll be getting Ady to do it)! Always be careful when using ladders, you can’t properly enjoy Autumn with a broken leg!

Wet leaves also pose a slippery hazard, so it’s best to clear them from walkways and driveways too. I think I can manage this task myself, but I’ll see if I can trick the kids into doing it first!


4. Add warm lighting

Plug in those warm coloured lamps and switch off the big light to create a cosy feel. Light some candles (maybe some of those gorgeous scented ones) for a romantic ambience but keep them out of reach of any nosey pets or excitable kids (safety first!). Fairy lights are also a great way to spruce up outdoor areas or conservatories, and they add a lovely little twinkle to the place! Did someone say early Christmas decorations…?


5. Add a Hug Rug

Soggy leaves and mucky trails are a given in Autumn, but you can stop muddy footprints (and pawprints) in their tracks with a brand new Hug Rug at your door. Those clever microfibres will absorb all of the moisture our great British weather can throw at us, before trapping that pesky dirt at the door, stopping it from sneaking into your home. We’ve just released some fabulous new designs in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) that will really get you in the Autumnal spirit! Choose from a lovely range of cosy colours and nature inspired designs, every purchase supports our friends at the RHS, where they can continue funding their super important work and brilliant community programmes.

I’m off to bake some pumpkin spiced goodies and put my feet up in front of a cosy Autumn film - probably Hocus Pocus, you just can’t beat the classics!

Busy Lizzie x