5 ways to add love to your home this Valentine's Day

Busy Lizzie @

Hello February - the month of love! As a hopeless romantic, I’ve always got plans for Valentine’s Day (whether Ady likes it or not!) but I never usually share the love with my home. Well, this year, love is well and truly in the air as I’ve decided to give my home a romantic spruce up - and with my top 5 tips, you can feel the love too!

1. Put some roses on display

 Pink and Red Roses

There’s nothing that cheers me up more than a fresh bouquet of flowers. Flowers are a treat all year round, but on Valentine’s Day, a bouquet of pink or red roses is a must! I always go for pink (my favourite - I think that means true love!) and I add a little bit of sugar to the water just like my granny used to. She used to say it sweetens the roses up… possibly a load of rubbish, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it!

Drop some hints to your other half… or save yourself the effort and buy them yourself! Either way, make sure you pop them into a nice vase and put them on display for everyone to see (and smell!).

2. Create some warm lighting
Karma Rug - Forest Green

The best way to turn your home into a romantic, relaxing space is by setting the mood with some (cleverly named) mood lighting. Dig out that gorgeous (but expensive!) scented candle you put away in a drawer somewhere, or have a root around in the Christmas box you’ve only just tidied away for some dainty fairy lights you could put up inside. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, that’s a surefire (get it?) way to create some romantic ambiance. 

3. Layer up with sensual textiles
Hush Rug - Ice BlueLuxury Wool Throw - Uniform and Sandstone

 Lovely, soft furnishings are welcome all year round, not just Valentine’s Day, take luxury to the next level! Add gorgeous textiles to your home such as sheepskin and super soft tactile furnishings. I scatter our fluffy sheepskin rugs all over the house and super soft throws to beds and sofas - try it if you haven’t already… heaven! Get cosy with your loved one and wrap up warm under a soft, wool blanket.

4. Add a pop of pink to your colour scheme

Pet Bed - Dot Floral Rose

When we think of Valentine’s decor, we’re usually met with bold, contrasting red and white interiors - which is all well and good if that’s your style. My taste is just a little more subtle, so this year, I’ve opted for a pretty in pink theme! By adding rose, blush or coral touches to your decor, you’re creating a soft feminine feel that looks so sweet you can’t help but share the love!

5. Hide some hearts around your home

Nature 15 Hug Rug

This one’s easy for us - we’re the mat with a heart. If you own a Hug Rug, you’ve got at least one heart on show in your home! If you hadn’t already spotted it, we add a small heart to the corner of every Hug Rug we make. That’s just a little hug from our home to yours! 

You don’t have to unleash the full cheesy romance to celebrate Valentine’s Day! There’s no need to hang paper heart garlands all around your house and replace all your soft furnishings with heart shaped cushions - unless you want to! Adding a couple of discreet hearts to your decor will do the trick and not seem like such a big change - trust me, Ady barely notices!

I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with sweet treats, a touch of romance and lots of hugs! Let’s be honest, we all deserve to feel the love this year!

Busy Lizzie x