Busy Lizzie’s perfect garden

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It’s that time of year again where we all come together to look at lots of beautiful gardens that represent the wonderful nation we live in. Of course, I’m talking about the ever popular Chelsea Flower Show! After a virtual show in 2020 and a postponed 2021 Autumn show, the biggest flower event in the world is back and better than ever. Even Queen Lizzie (not me, the other one!) popped in to have a nosey at what’s trendy in the plant world right now.

Whilst I was having a look at this year’s amazing entries (and casting my vote!) I got thinking about what my dream garden would look like (take note Ady)… here’s what I came up with!

1. A big hosting space

If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you’ll know by now that I’m crazy about my friends and family - any excuse for a get together, I say! My ideal garden would most definitely have a huge seating area with room for a barbeque on those sunny days. Maybe I’ll squeeze a fire pit in there too… and a hot hub, if there’s space!

Hug at Home - Diamond Throw Coral Pink

2. Wildflowers

I always do my best to make sure I’m as sustainable as possible, and that doesn’t stop when it comes to my garden! It just so happens that this year’s Chelsea Flower Show is shining a light on our beloved pollinators and how we can create a sustainable hub where they can come to relax after a long day of buzzing around. The RHS (the fabulous folk who run the show) have even partnered with BBC Earth to create the BBC Studios Our Green Planet and RHS Bee Garden (that’s a mouthful and a half!) to help inspire people to grow bee-friendly plants to help our precious pollinators. They’ve also kindly popped together a handy “Plants for Pollinators” list, so we know exactly what to buy on our next visit to the garden centre. Gone are the days of pristine lawns and trimmed shrubbery, let’s get wild!

3. Water features

There’s just something so soothing about a beautiful water feature, isn’t there? Unless you’re desperate for the loo, that is! If I’m not hosting a get together with my friends and family, I’m recharging my busy battery, and the best way for me to get my zen on (as the kids would say! I think…) is to lay outside with a good book and a glass of wine. Now imagine the relaxing sounds of a water feature in the background - heaven!

Not only do water features look and sound lovely, but they’re also great for wildlife. Be kind to these creatures by creating shallow pools where birds, insects and other garden friends can perch and quench their thirst. It’s the least we can do after all they do for the environment - they’re almost as busy as me!

4. A Hug Rug

My dream garden wouldn’t be complete without being greeted by a lovely Hug Rug by the door! Last year, we launched an exclusive collection of gorgeous Hug Rugs in collaboration with the RHS, designed for garden and nature lovers. I think I’ll pop Bugs & Butterflies in my hypothetical sustainable garden, just to let our little friends know they’re more than welcome here!

I think I’ve conjured up a rather lovely garden, if I do say so myself! You may need to look out for my entry in next year’s Chelsea Flower Show!

Busy Lizzie x