Celebrating The Fathers of Hug at Home

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We’re often celebrating the women of Hug at Home (and rightly so) for their fabulous contributions to our company, the way they inspire me and so many others each and every working day and for just being their amazing selves. Hug at Home wouldn’t be what it is today without each and every one of them!

But with Father’s Day just around the corner, I thought it was only right that we shine a light on some of the fabulous fathers who are part of the team here at Hug at Home and celebrate what our forefathers did to establish Phoenox Textiles in the first place too.

It all started in 1954 when Jack Mosley, a local weaver established the family business and initially set about crafting fabric for all sorts of purposes, from traditional cosy hearth rugs that no doubt looked amazing in front of the fireplace through to bus seats ensuring that everyone’s bums were comfy when catching the bus.

When the time came for Jack to step aside and enjoy his well earned retirement (I’m not jealous, not one bit), his son David took over from his father and looked to evolve certain aspects of the business. We started to make even more lovely products from natural materials and increased our presence around the country too, exciting!

This then brings us to today where Adrian and Charles have both taken over from their father David and alongside myself (I have to keep them in check), we had the fantastic idea (if I do say so myself) of creating Hug at Home, allowing us to bring our lovely range of products directly to your door.

It has to be said that each and every one of those great men should be celebrated for the innovations they came up with and their ambition to make Phoenox Textiles and Hug at Home what it is today! So thank you for everything you all did and still do to this day.

I’d also like to celebrate the men and in line with Father’s Day, the fathers of Hug at Home who consistently work above and beyond to ensure that we continue to design, manufacture and deliver quality eco-friendly products to all our amazing customers.

First up is Mike who is our Print Line Manager. Did you know that our printing process is the only one of its kind here in the UK? I know, fancy right? Mike is one of many very important team members who ensures everything is running smoothly and all our print designs are looking splendid and in tip top condition.

He’s worked with us for 15 months now and here he is pictured at home with his two adorable children, Jules and Mamie.

Mike with his two children

Next up we have Mali who works in our Tufting department. For those of you who don’t know, the tufting process involves the insertion of yarns or fibres into a backing material in order to create a pile or looped surface. It dates all the way back to the 19th Century, way before my time, but the art of tufting is a very important process here at Hug at Home and he’s one of many who are responsible for creating the clever fibres that trap all that pesky dirt and dust on our Hug Rugs.

As you can see, he’s a big Huddersfield Town fan and is pictured with his son and daughter, who have also followed in their father’s footsteps supporting the club too.

Mali and his two children

Thirdly, we have Mark who works within our Production Planning department. He and other members of the department are responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly from a production perspective and that our customer’s demand is met.

Mark is another integral member of our team and he’s celebrating his very first Father’s Day this year. Here he is pictured in his ice hockey goaltender gear with his son Rudy, look how cute he is in his little bear onesie!

Mark and his son

Our Sales Director Anthony is responsible for analysing our sales data, creating and implementing our sales strategy and securing partnerships with retailers across the country.

He’s been our Sales Director for seven years now and here he is in sunny Greece with his two cheeky sons heading out for a family meal on holiday.

Anthony and his two sons

Last but not least is Charles, one of our Directors here at Hug at Home. As Director, he’s responsible for overseeing Phoenox Textiles and Hug at Home’s operations and making sure we’re all on track to achieve our business goals. Here he is pictured at the Mall during a trip to London with his beautiful wife and three wonderful children. I love that place!

Charles and his family

It goes without saying that I’d love to celebrate and shine a spotlight on each and every one of the father’s who are part of the team here at Hug at Home, but this would be a pretty long blog! There’s always next time though and until then, just know that you’re all doing a wonderful job and I really appreciate each and every one of you!

I hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day and either treat your old man or raise a glass to those who have passed. I’ll be letting my Dad know how much he means to me and I urge you to do the same (just don’t let them get too big headed).

Busy Lizzie x