International Dog Day

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For those of you who read this blog regularly (who do I think I am?! - There's only my mum and Ady, because I make him, who actually read this blog regularly) so sorry for not being active my Busy Lizzie life caught up with me for a moment but I’m back!!

I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate our furry friends on International Dog Day! I can’t imagine not having a dog around, they bring so much to the home (including muddy paws but don’t worry we have that covered!).

They make us feel less lonely, we all feel loved with a good puppy snuggle. There are proper science studies that show how they can lower blood pressure, alleviate stress and anxiety, make us more sociable (I personally don’t have a problem with that bit) and definitely make us happier! So big cheers for all our pooches.

There are lots of different ways to celebrate International Dog Day but here are a few ideas that I might treat little Bob to…


1. Go on a long walk

Okay maybe this one isn’t a treat for Bob with his little, fat legs but I love going on a long walk (even better with a friend). Being from Yorkshire and surrounded by the beauty it has to offer we’re not short on fabulous walks, read about three of my favourites here.

2. Throw a party

Invite all your friends’ dogs (plus their owners, you don’t want this to turn into a doggy day care) over, it’s a party for the dogs and a party for you - win, win! I’ll be cracking open the rose and might even treat the pups to some pawsecco, it is a Friday after all! Although with that many muddy paw prints and potential spills (and puppy piddles) I’ll be making sure there is a fresh Hug Rug by all the doors.

3. Buy them something

It’s not just us humans who like a treat from time to time, whether it’s a dog bone, toy or new bed, buy your pupster something and they’ll love you even more (is that possible?).

I’ll be giving Bob lots of cuddles today - even though he probably just wants treats!

Busy Lizzie x