Find A New Style For 2024

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Are you tired of looking at the same old boring decor in your home and feel as though you’re in need of a stylish refresh? I know I am! Since it’s a new year and the start of a new chapter, I’ve been looking around the rooms in my home and thinking that it’s time for a little revamp and a bit of a makeover (Ady doesn’t agree but I’ve already made my mind up!) 

Here are the rugs I’m just loving at the moment and a few top tips for sprucing up your homes and bringing a fresh style to your decor. Let’s get started! 

Large rugs 

My number one tip that I would suggest to anyone looking to transform and refresh their space is to buy a large, cosy area rug. Yes, I know I harp on about rugs a lot but honestly, you can’t go wrong with them! Whether it’s your living room, dining room or kitchen, popping down a rug will instantly add a fresh look to your space, as well as turning cold floors into a warm hug for your feet! 

And the best part? There are so many choices available! Switch up your style with a bright, patterned rug or bring some texture to your room with a soft, thick pile rug

A white wool rug in a living roomA large shaggy wool rug in a hallway of a home


If you feel as though your home is starting to feel a bit drab and you want an easy way to make it look more exciting then 2024 is the year to introduce some colour! If you want my advice (which is why I assume you’re here!) then the best way to do this is by adding colourful accents and accessories throughout your home.

I know I’ve mentioned rugs already, but they’re great for bringing a pop of colour to a room. And there’s no need to stop there. Coordinate your look with cushions and snuggly throws in the same colour as your rug, all whilst giving your sofa a bit of an uplift. 

A woven pink rug in a living room with colourful cushions and throws on a sofa

Eco-friendly decor

Now you might already know this, but 2024 is the year of eco-friendly homeware which is fantastic news for Hug at Home as we love sustainable home accessories! I buy sustainable products wherever I can, so why not join me and make it your New Year's resolution to try and do the same? 

If you’re in the area for a new rug (I promise this is my last mention of them!), then why not go for a jute rug, or perhaps a wool rug if you’re looking for something more soft and plush? They’re both made from completely natural and renewable materials and not only are they good for our planet but they look great and are super stylish too! 

A woman walking across a large jute rug in a hallwayA blue rug underneath a bed in a bedroom
I hope this has provided you with some ideas for how to bring a new style into your home this year and liven up your spaces! I know it can be so hard to choose your perfect rug, and if you are still struggling to find the right one then don’t worry as we can give you a helping hand! We are only a phone call (or if you are close enough – a visit!) away and myself or our fabulous customer service team members, Carol and Leanne, will be more than happy to help or send out some free samples to help you find your perfect rug in no time!

I know I’ll definitely be looking to bring some more colour into my home and brighten it up where I can. And because of this it gives me the perfect excuse to do more of my favourite thing, shopping!
Busy Lizzie x