Get your garden ready for Spring

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Spring to me is when everything feels possible and when the garden is starting to come alive! And with all these sunny days I’ve been spending lots of time in the garden (my body is telling me that I’m not as young as I was). However, it’s safe to say even with my efforts my garden most certainly isnt ready for any of my plans (yet!) - it needs a good old Spring clean!

How typically British, the first sight of sun and Im already planning for outside living! I just cant help it though, I love a good sunbathe and a glass of rose! With these high temperatures heres what I plan to get started on this weekend… if I dont get distracted by a cheeky glass of wine in the sun, that is!


Plant Spring flowers

If you need to get stuck into a bit of outdoor handywork, Spring is the best season for it! Im putting my green fingers on and planting some seasonal flowers which will add a pop of colour to my garden. Daffodils and tulips are the go-to choice for a bit of Springtime cheer, but this year I plan to add some forget-me-nots into the mix! Ill make sure to have an outdoor mat at the back door so Im not trailing any muck back into the house - our Daffodil Hug Rug always puts a smile on my face.


Tackle the lawn

Aside from making the patio look pretty, Ive also got the job of mowing the lawn (I’m sinking in moss) - although I might give this one to Ady! After the Winter months, its like a wilderness out there! Although theres nothing wrong with letting your garden grow wild (its actually very good for bees!), the boys need somewhere to have a kick about, and its nice to put a picnic blanket down when the little ones come to visit. If we didnt trim the lawn, poor Bob wouldnt be able to get through to do his business either - hes only ickle!



Set up your outdoor dining space

After Ive tamed the shrubs and cut the grass, its time to focus on the best part of outdoor entertaining - al fresco dining! 

Its shocking how much dirt builds up on outdoor furniture over the Winter months, and its safe to say no one wants to sit on mucky furniture! Give everything a brush down to remove loose dirt before washing any stubborn patches with soapy water. I might get Ady to dig out the power washer, it just makes cleaning so much quicker and its so satisfying! 

Time to get your washable rugs, cushions and throws out of hiding - lets hope you havent left them out over Winter! 

Dont worry if you have, nows the perfect time to replace them. Weve just launched some gorgeous new Aztec rugs as part of our Hug Rug Woven range that are going to look fabulous under my patio furniture. No need to worry about spilled drinks or melted ice cream, as these outdoor rugs can be chucked straight in the wash - so easy!


Thatll do for this weekend - Ive got to put aside some time for relaxing in the sun, obviously!


Busy Lizzie x