Hampton Court 2023

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Last week we got up to something very exciting and if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook (which you definitely should), you may already know what it was. We headed to Hampton Court Flower Show to spread the word about our Hug Rugs! We had a fabulous time, from showcasing our amazing garden (see below) to meeting so many gorgeous Hug Rug customers and hopefully making lots more! Not only that, but we also managed to win an award - how wonderful! We are still so giddy with excitement following the event, so grab a cuppa and let me tell you all about our amazing week.

Outdoor stand displaying flowers and mats from Hug Rug

We started setting up the stand on the Saturday, working together with our fabulous stand builders and gardeners. There was a lot that went into the stand to make it impressive, we wanted as many people as possible to stop and view our Hug Rugs

An outdoor exhibition being built containing flowers and Hug Rugs

This included our cleverly designed mill, complete with “windows” looking into our production, and our old clocking-in machine front and centre. We also featured a washing line (with washing machine included!) to hang our lovely Hug Rugs on. 

Hug Rugs hanging on a washing line

We found our old mangle knocking around the mill which we thought would make the perfect addition to our stand. We then draped some of our un-backed Hug Rugs onto it, doesn’t it look fab?

Outdoor exhibit with Hug Rugs on a mangle and washing line

On the opposite corners of the stand, we had some wonderful signposts advertising the Hug Rug brand and our fantastic benefits, complete with our trough in the middle to show more Hugs. And of course, last but not least, surrounding all of this was our beautiful plants and flowers, full of colour and perfect for attracting all the bees and butterflies! 

The team managed to put all of this together in only a couple of days – well done to them!

Now that we had our brilliant stand all ready to go, it was time to welcome people in to see us! The doors opened on Tuesday, and we met so many lovely people, from a few well-known faces like Vanessa Feltz and Gabby Roslin, to lots of waggy-tailed dogs. It was great to chat with you all and our cheeks hurt from smiling so much!

 Dog in front of Hug Rug stand

We loved showcasing our story of the world’s most environmentally friendly barrier mat, made in the heart of Yorkshire. With our brand-new designs, like Bee 3 and Hello Ewe going down a storm, (I made sure to phone our planning team and get some more made quick!) from just having a good old natter with people, it was a brilliant experience. 

Then to top the week off, we won a 4 STAR Trade Stand Award from The Royal Horticultural Society, yippee! 

An RHS award surrounded by flowers

So I just wanted to finish this off by saying a huge well done to the wonderful team that worked on putting together such an excellent stand and to the team members who worked every day of the event. And last but certainly not least, a huge Hug filled thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello, here’s to next year!

Busy Lizzie x