Happy Days!

Busy Lizzie @

As the weather starts to turn a bit grim and the days get shorter it’s important that we keep ourselves and others around us happy! 2020 has brought a lot of challenging days but why not try do something small each day to make yourself (or someone else) smile.

10 things to give your day a boost
  1. Hula hoop. You can’t be sad whilst you’re hula hooping, and how many of you have tried doing it since you were 7? It’s really hard, but funny!

  2. Give someone a compliment. And make sure you give yourself one - you deserve it.

  3. Bake. You can’t beat a good cake or cookie. Whether you share the baked goods or eat them all yourself is up to you (I know which I’d do!).

  4. Go for a walk. Exercise gets the heart pumping and decreases stress, plus fresh air always makes you feel better.

  5. Tell yourself three happy things each day. You’re fabulous, it’s sunny you’re going to have a great day, oh there’s some buns left in the cupboard (yay)!

  6. Tidy up. I know it’s a bit boring and feels like work but it’ll make you feel better once your space is decluttered.

  7. Buy some flowers. Bonus points if you buy them for someone else as well.

  8. Make a cuppa. And take five minutes for yourself to enjoy it with a biscuit! 

  9. Dance in the rain. You might feel silly but it’ll make you (or others around you) laugh.

  10. Smile! Even if it’s a fake smile it’ll still make you feel happier.


Hope you all have fabulous days!

Busy Lizzie x