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Happy New Year huggers! 

Have you set your New Year’s resolutions yet? Because I have! This year, I pledge to only sweat the big stuff and try to remain positive at all times whatever gets thrown my way - basically try to be the best version of me I can be! But, at the top of my list (above going on more walks and smiling more) I pledge to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones this year. My family is like the Griswold's Christmas vacation - and although I couldn't have everyone with me this Christmas (due to the C word!) I’ve organised smaller occasions throughout January.

As the hostess with the mostess (well, it’s get what you're given and drink your way through!) I’ve got a few tips to help make hosting a breeze! After all, less stress means more time spent with friends and family... 

Sort out the spare room

Also known as the “chuck the bits and bobs in there that don’t have a home” room… well, not on my watch! This year we’re going to sort out that spare bedroom once and for all - the only bits and bobs in this room should be comfy bedding, fresh towels and soft pillows. Relatives from halfway down the country and long distance friends deserve a nice, cosy place to rest their weary heads. We’re sharing the love this year!


Ash & Sandstone Luxury Wool Throw - Hug at HomeHug Bamboo Luxury Towels - Grey - Hug at Home


Prepare your hallway for extra traffic

Think of all those future footprints that are going to come through your door this year, it’s only sensible to place a washable mat at your door and a washable runner in your hallway to catch any dirt that manages to sneak in from outside. You might have already guessed, but I’ve got a couple of our Hug Rugs at the ready! They really are the best mats for the job. 

Have you got enough storage space for all of the coats and shoes your guests will be dumping at the door when they arrive? We use super handy shoe shelving units so that there’s no trips or falls over the endless pile of shoes. Also so the dogs don’t mistake Grandma’s shoes for chew toys… 

Nature 17 Hug Rug - Hug at Home

Warm up your living room

This tip won’t apply all year, just the first couple of months before the British sun decides to come out to play again! Cold rooms aren’t the most inviting, so make your guests feel at home with lots of extra throws at the ready for whenever they fancy a bit of a snuggle. My living room used to be very chilly before I added big curtains and a fluffy rug to help keep the heat in. Rugs are especially good for warming up hardwood flooring in the Winter, but if you choose not to have one in your home, make sure you’ve got some spare slippers on hand!

 Maine Ivory Rug - Hug at Home 

Stock up in the kitchen

Probably the most important thing to remember when you’re looking after your guests, is that you’re also looking after their bellies! Make sure your cupboards are stocked with tasty goodies and your fridge is stocked with… actual food! I always keep my freezer stocked with quick nibbles in case any relatives fancy popping over for an impromptu visit - there’s no chance I’ll be making anything fresh! It’s also good to keep in mind how much cutlery, crockery and glassware you own - there’s nothing worse than offering your guest a drink, only to realise you’re all out of glasses! Save the embarrassment and stock up on extra plates and mugs, even if you’ll just end packing them away into a box after your guests leave - better safe than sorry!

Ducks Mug - Hug at Home


Let’s make 2022 a year for lots of hugs (if Boris allows it!) and for making more special memories with the people we love the most. We most certainly deserve it!

Busy Lizzie x