Lockdown Valentine's Day

Busy Lizzie @

To get me through lockdown 3.0 I’m looking for all the different ways I can celebrate, no matter how big or small! But with Valentine’s Day coming up it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get the champers out (not that I need an excuse) but it got me thinking about other ways that we can celebrate Valentine’s Day in lockdown (depending on what mood Ady’s in).

Fun things to do this Valentine’s Day - 

  • Order a takeaway from your favourite restaurant. You could even order a meal box from them if they do one, it makes you feel like you’ve cooked a fancy meal all by yourself! Get dressed up to feel even more like you’re on date night, even if your pj’s are more comfy.

  • Or if you or your partner is a great cook buy in some fresh ingredients to make a fabulous homemade meal.

  • Create and make your own cocktails! Mine will be a margarita!

  • After a few cocktails you could put your creativity to the test by trying to paint portraits of each other. Maybe only do this if you don’t get offended easily, or at least not until you’ve had a few extra cocktails!

  • Enjoy a breakfast in bed - Valentine’s Day is a Sunday this year after all! Maybe even take advantage of being in lockdown not needing to go anywhere and have a cheeky bucks fizz with breakfast too.

  • Send your friends a text, or some flowers! Remind them how fabulous they are! (Ady if you’re reading this I’d love some flowers too…)

  • Have a movie marathon of all your favourite films - but make sure you take it in turns, until one of you falls asleep at least!

  • If you don’t have a partner, get together virtually with your friends or family members. Valentine’s Day is about all our loved ones!

  • Don’t forget to show your pets some love too! 

Whatever you choose to do I hope you all have fabulous day’s!

Much love, 

Busy Lizzie x