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During the last year, we’ve spent a little more time at home and a lot more time with our furry companions (Bob wasn't too impressed about it)! Here at Hug at Home, we’re absolutely pet crazy, so I’ve got a few fun facts up my sleeve that I bet you didn’t know about!


Did you know?

  • 59% of UK households own a pet, and it’s estimated around 34 million pets are currently living in the UK, approximately the same population count as Saudi Arabia! That’s a lot of muddy paws to clean up after!

  • Dogs can be left or right handed - sorry, pawed! To test this on your own fur baby, try the ‘first step test’ - wait until your pup is relaxed, sitting or lying down, then call their name and observe which paw they use first when they’re bounding towards you for some tickles and treats!

  • A dog's sense of smell is about 100,000 times better than ours. Dogs can sniff out explosives and drugs, track and find lost people or animals and even detect cancer cells! They really are like furry little superheroes aren’t they? Especially our amazing service animals, who don’t even need a salary - they receive their wages in unconditional love! You wouldn’t find me working for nothing, I’ll tell you that for free!

  • Research shows it takes most people six months to fall in love with a partner, but just 30 minutes to fall in love with their pet! I guess that’s why they call it puppy love, you just can’t deny love at first sight! 

  • Brits spend £180 million on our pets every month - that is collectively, by the way! Although sometimes it does feel like that much when it’s time for a check up at the vets!


  • It’s commonly thought that one dog year is equal to seven human years, but this isn’t always the case, as not all breeds age the same! You can find out just how old your dog is in human years based on their breed and age using this super easy calculator. I tried it on my fur babies - Bob is 40 and considered a senior dog (how very dare they! Although he does look like a grumpy old man in the pic below) and Nelly is 82! I certainly hope I’m as active as she is when I’m that age - you go girl!

Our pets are practically an extra member of the family, right? In that case, we must do everything we can to keep them safe and healthy. After all, they can’t tell us if something is wrong! Maybe someday in the (very distant) future, we’ll invent a device (well, not me, someone really clever!) that allows us to talk to our furry friends, but until then, we’re going to have to use our intuition!

What can we do?

  • Baby proof your home! Our pets are nosey and excitable, and might start playing with things they shouldn’t! Treat your fur baby like a toddler and hide sharp objects, exposed wires and fragile items from out of their reach.

  • Keep your toilet lid closed! This one isn’t just for the men in the house - I’m talking to you, Ady! Some thirsty pets might mistake the toilet bowl for free drinking water, while others may just enjoy a mischievous guzzle! Either way, ingesting cleaning chemicals will most likely upset your furry friend’s tummy, and could even be fatal.

  • Remove plants from out of reach! Aside from ruining your indoor plant pot collection you’ve been nurturing for months, your pets could actually fall very ill if they ingest certain household plants. Our pets play with their mouths, and a funny looking plant such as aloe vera or a spider plant might be detrimental to an inquisitive pet! Double check the safety of any plants before you bring them into your home.

  • We may think dogs are invincible due to all of the exercise they do, but the truth is, their joints can get stiff and damaged just like ours! Consider giving your pet supplements to help strengthen bones and keep them healthy - Bob and Nelly get theirs daily! 

  • Hardwood flooring and tiles are fab for keeping clean and cooling your pup down on a hot summer’s day, but slippery surfaces can also put unnecessary pressure on your pup’s joints. Break up solid floors by laying down a lovely Hug Rug mat or runner to cushion your pet’s paws.

Our friends over at YuMOVE have some more excellent tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy in your home, as well as home interior advice from style guru Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen!


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