Making plastic make sense!

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Hello September - my favourite month! Time to dust off those cosy jumpers, the kids are finally back to school (those Summer holidays really are never ending!) and time to take part in the Great British Beach Clean, which starts on September 17th.

For one week every September, thousands of eco warriors join forces on beaches all across the UK, for the biggest national beach clean up of the year. Volunteers are encouraged to complete a litter survey as they clean, by ticking off waste items as and when we come across them. These litter surveys are then used in real data, which, I guess makes us scientists! Dr Busy Lizzie has a nice ring to it…

Some of the items that have been found on beaches are definitely not as common as others. Like a bottle of rum from 1930’s America found washed up on Liverpool’s shores or thousands of pieces of nautical-themed Lego that have been arriving on beaches ever since a cargo spill at Land’s End in 1994 - very on theme! It really is a treasure hunt when it comes to waste. Finders keepers, I say!

As an eco obsessed business, finding out about this terrible plastic pollution problem was definitely not what we wanted to hear! We try our very best to be as sustainable as possible when manufacturing our fabulous mats - especially our Sense range! You might have heard about how great our Hug Rug Woven range is, but we decided we weren’t going to stop there. We wanted to recycle even more plastic bottles in the form of lovely, contemporary mats, which are made from 100% PET recycled plastics, salvaged from both the ocean and land - most likely from one of those Great British Beach Cleans! We even worked out how many bottles make up each size Sense mat, so you can see just how many plastic bottles you’ve saved from bobbing about in our lovely oceans.



Manufactured right here in West Yorkshire, our Sense range is stain resistant, machine washable and made from 100% sustainable materials, which is more than can be said for that nautical-themed lego! You could say we’re eco-friendly superheroes, saving the planet one mat at a time!

Turning terrible plastic pollution into beautiful, sustainable products just makes sense (see what I did there?) which is why we love the Great British Beach Clean so much! If there’s one thing we love more than sustainability, it’s a nice day out at the beach! Probably because after you’ve finished tidying up your beach, you can treat yourself to a yummy chippy tea - ooh, my mouth is watering just thinking about those salt and vinegar chips!

Even if you don’t live near a beach, you could take part in the Source to Sea Litter Quest, and target waste in your local park or high street before it even reaches the ocean! Just imagine, that plastic bottle you clean up from your local park may be turned into a gorgeous Sense mat one day!

Busy Lizzie x