My Family!

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Some of you may know that we’re a family run business and for most people that’s a complete nightmare of an idea - only mad people want to work with and live with the same people, right? Well we’re completely and utterly bonkers in this house!

Phoenox Textiles (the company behind the Hugs) was started in 1954 by my husband Adrian’s grandad (Jack Mosley) making traditional hearth rugs and fabric for bus seats! Adrian’s dad (David) joined the business to focus on production, new products and securing contracts. We’re now on the third generation of Mosley’s running the show, Adrian and his brother, Charles. And the fourth generation learning the ropes, in the head office and factory - Ellie is one of the rug and textile designers and Joe keeps himself busy during university holiday’s working in the factory. Oh and of course there’s Nelly and Bob, the office dogs - it’s a very important job! We like to keep it in the family - I won’t bore you with the details but there’s quite a few working at Phoenox!

We think of everyone that works at Phoenox as family, and many of them have several generations that work here too - mums, dads, grandads, sons, aunties, the list goes on! But it doesn’t stop there… all the Hug At Home models (dogs included) are from our lovely Phoenox family. We don’t use ‘professional’ models, well I suppose they are now professional models - check you guys out with your modelling! It makes the photoshoots more hectic, I mean fun.

I love working with my family, even if they do drive me a bit crazy!


Busy Lizzie x