New Year, New Me?

Busy Lizzie @

We’re part way through January already, how did that happen? It’s been a strange start to the year with everything going on, I don’t know about you but it just feels like a bit of a continuation of December! I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year but I’m not sure I feel like it happened with it not quite being what we are used to. But it is, and it has all the possibilities of being a great year (once we get out of this lockdown malarky)! 

I’m not saying New Year, new me (I’m fabulous enough already), but I do have a few small resolutions (in fact I don’t like calling them resolutions because I feel like I already do a lot of them so I just want to be more mindful of them and do more - but I’m not sure there’s a word for that). 

  • Drink more water - I know it sounds simple but how many of us have got to 5pm and realised we’ve not had a sip of water other than in coffee and tea?

  • Travel - we’re all desperate to be somewhere other than in our homes, I catch myself daydreaming about being on a beach somewhere. As soon as we can I’m out of here - if anyone reading this has a private island and wouldn’t mind me popping over for a week give me a shout!
  • Taking the stairs - ohh but a lift is so much easier

  • Sanitise more - if Covid-19 has taught us anything it’s that we need to clean more, our hands, homes, phones, work spaces etc

  • Buy less plastic - you know I’m all for sustainability and reducing plastic waste but there’s always more we can do (just think of the turtles)

  • Pay it forward - in 2020 I saw lots of people doing lots of lovely things for other people, like paying for an extra coffee so someone gets a free one (a small act of kindness that can make someone’s day)


I might even try a new hobby, I’m not sure what yet though, so leave it with me to have a think about! 

Don’t feel like you need to reinvent yourself just because it’s a new year - we’re already all amazing! 


Busy Lizzie x