Protect Your Floors From Trips, Spills & Messes This Christmas

Busy Lizzie @

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - and the messiest! We spend so much time making our homes look merry and bright for the festive season, only to wake up to a tip on Boxing Day! Enjoying delicious food and drink amongst family and friends is what Christmas is all about, so there’s bound to be a couple of spills here and there. Accidents happen - especially when we’re at our merriest! But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your lovely home in the name of Christmas spirit, which is why I’m sharing my top 3 tips on how you can save your floors from trips, spills and messes this Christmas.

It all starts at the door

A Hug Rug at your front door is a must have for any season, but especially if it’s your turn to host Christmas dinner this year! Keep your home (relatively) clean this festive season by turning your front door into a barrier space. By popping a festive mat and matching runner in your hallway, you can trap dirt and moisture that your favourite footsteps and pawprints are bringing into your house. On Boxing Day, just throw your Hug Rug in the washing machine at 30℃ while you go and enjoy some Christmas leftovers in your lovely clean house. How easy is that?


Spill-proof your entertaining areas

What’s the second best thing about Christmas, after family? Food (and drink)! Pick the room that’s going to be full of the most glasses of wine and plates of nibbles and put your easy care rug in there... quick! There’s nothing worse than one of the kids tripping over a glass of red and having to put the party on pause while you dig out your harshest cleaning chemicals to try and save your carpet - trust me, that’s one way to be known as the family party pooper! If you’re wanting a carefree Christmas and don’t want to be crying over spilt milk (or wine) later on, then you need an easy care rug. Our Reef rugs make spills and stains so easy - we don’t call them easy care for nothing! Take a look at how simple spot cleaning can be with our Reef Navy rug below.



Keep your kitchen clean

If you’re cooking Christmas dinner this year, there’s no doubt your kitchen will end up messier than your teenager’s room! By all means, keep the kitchen out of bounds for your guests, but you’ll have to face that mess sooner or later! If you don’t want to spend all of Boxing Day wiping Yorkshire pudding batter off your floors (yes we have Yorkshire puds on our Christmas dinner, we are from Yorkshire after all!) then you should probably think about placing a Hug Rug under those high spill areas.

Hug Rugs in the kitchen also come in handy when baking Christmas treats with the kids - those little rascals seem to get flour everywhere! It’s best to keep a Hug Rug or two around to catch any spilled ingredients. When you’re ready to clean up, give your mat or runner a shake outside to get rid of any debris, then pop it in the washing machine at 30℃. So easy! Why should cleaning be difficult? You’re on your holidays!

For more festive inspo, take a look at our Christmas collection, and if you don’t hear from me before, have a very merry Christmas from all of us here at Hug at Home!


Busy Lizzie x