Rainbow Crazy!

Busy Lizzie @

Everyone seems to be going rainbow crazy at the moment - it’s all for a good cause and solidarity in these bizarre (I’m getting bored of hearing the word unprecedented) times. 

As you’ll all know when 2020 started going a bit topsy-turvy rainbows started popping up in windows (like this fabulous one) all around the world. I think this inspiration started in Italy shortly after their lockdown began, and what a wonderful idea it was! These rainbows have helped and are still helping people to feel a sense of community, happiness and hope. It’s funny how these are the same feelings and symbolic meanings that the LGBTQ+ flag also has, aren’t rainbows just fabulous?

We decided to run a social media competition which got kids around the country drawing and painting rainbow mats for us, we chose the best design and turned it into a Rainbow Hug Rug which we now give 100% of profits to the wonderful charity - NHS Charities Together, for all the amazing work our NHS are doing.

I love that in such a scary and unknown time everyone is pulling together to bring each other some joy, even in such a small way as painting a rainbow.

If you’re feeling a bit down (and let’s be honest who hasn’t had ups and downs recently) why not go on search of some rainbows - you might even find a pot of gold at the end of one! 



Busy Lizzie x