Recycle Week: Let’s Get Real!

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Here at Hug At Home we have been making rubbish beautiful and useful since 2008! We recycle over 6.5 million t-shirts, 16 million bottles and 190 tonnes of industrial plastic each year to make our fabulous products. We are not only helping the planet by turning something with a short lifespan into something that will look fabulous for years to come!


So often, people (including me) think they’re putting the right stuff in the right bin, but sometimes, we can get it wrong. And if too much stuff ends up in the recycling pile that shouldn’t, the whole truck load can literally end up going to waste.

Well, never fear! This week is Recycle Week, and the theme is Let’s Get Real.

The whole point is to challenge perceptions and myths around recycling, and target contamination to improve recycling behaviours.

Simply put, you might be putting the wrong stuff in your green bin and contaminating the rest of your recycling, and 2022’s campaign should hopefully put an end to this.

The Campaign

WRAP, The Waste and Resources Action Programme says, “This Recycle Week, we’re getting real. About where we are. Where we want to be. And how we’re all going to get there, together.”

They’re aiming to educate everyone through useful facts about recycling, pointing people in the right direction and helping everyone to understand how to recycle better.

Last year, Recycle Week’s campaign was the most successful campaign to date.

Apparently, 82% of people said they changed their behaviour as a result of all the content they saw online! So it’s clearly super helpful to share what you can online to debunk common myths about recycling! (Hence why I’m writing this blog post).

What can you do?

Great question! It can be completely deflating to think all this time you’ve been recycling wrong, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of! That’s exactly why Recycle Week is here.

Firstly, you can visit the Recycle Now website to find out what you can and can’t recycle in your home.

Secondly, keep in mind that not every area is the same! So when you’re at someone else’s house, make sure you ask them what they do and don’t recycle!


Make sure you have a look at the recycle week hashtag on social media, too. There’ll be a tonne of information shared on there that might make you think twice before you bin your next takeaway box or bottle of wine. (Not sure why they’re the first things I thought of…)

But don’t just stop at recycle week, by making small habits all the time together we’ll take one step closer to saving the planet. And you never know, one of those bottles you recycle might end up in one of our Hug Rugs!

Hopefully I’ve managed to shed some light on what Recycle Week is and how helpful it can be! Let’s hope that next year, we find out that this year’s campaign has been the most successful to date!

Busy Lizzie x