Share the Love This Christmas With Gifts Under £60

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I love Christmas, it’s a time of joy, laughter and sharing the love with your family and friends. I especially look forward to seeing the look on everyone’s faces when they open their presents, it’s such a magical feeling! But I know that this year may be a bit different for lots of families throughout the country, who will be feeling the pinch with the cost of everything going up. So I got my thinking cap on (it happens sometimes) to come up with a Christmas gift guide that suits each and every budget, all the way up to £60.


Gifts Priced £0 - £20


Bamboo Face & Hand Towels - £6.50 - £20

One of our bamboo face towels could be the ideal stocking filler this Christmas. Made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, they feel exquisite. If you have a slightly bigger budget available, you could plump for the larger hand towels instead, or buy both if you’re feeling super generous this year. Your loved one will feel like they’re on a spa break every time they freshen up. Thinking about it, I may have to indulge in a little DIY spa session myself tonight.

Boy cuddling white towel

Tea Towel - £10.99

We’ve got lots of fun tea towel designs that are sure to brighten up anyone’s kitchen. There’s some utterly gorgeous designs to choose from and they’re all great at drying the dishes, cleaning up any accidental spills and wiping children’s sticky hands after they’ve helped out in the kitchen. You could even mix and match with our mugs, oven gloves, aprons and Hug Rugs which all feature similar themed designs if you’re looking to spend a little more. 

Girl playing with flour on top of bee tea towel

Coir Mats - £12.99 - £17.99

Add some colour to your friend or family member’s doorstep this Christmas with our fabulous range of printed coir mats. These mats are made from 100% natural coconut husk fibres (very clever), so they’re ideal for those eco-conscious people in your life. Our coir mats are hard wearing, long lasting and there’s lots of fun design to choose from, what’s not to like? Actually that reminds me, I need to put out my Christmas coir this weekend!

Mug - £19.99

Everyone loves a good cuppa and a biscuit and I’m no exception. We’ve all got a favourite mug though haven’t we? I always reach for my Bee mug from our collection whenever I’m sitting down for a brew (Yorkshire Tea, of course, oh and a custard cream). Each and every one of our cute mugs are designed and manufactured in the UK from the finest British clay and they’re lovingly hand decorated too. With lots of designs available, they’re the perfect gift either on their own or when combined with other items in our kitchen accessories collection. We even have gift box options available too, if you want to give your present an extra special touch.

Mugs and tea towel with duck design


Gifts Priced £21 - £60


Outdoor Hug Rug - £23.99 - £35.99

These Hug Rug designs are to be placed outside your door, stopping the mud before it even gets inside your house, clever eh? They’re super tough, UV protected and suitable for all weathers (unlike me, I may love winter and being super cosy but I’m definitely more suited to sunny weather!). When it’s time to clean them, just simply jet wash them and their cleverly designed drain holes in the backing will allow the excess water to drain away, perfect for someone who’s always on muddy adventures.

Girl greeting her friend at the front door

Indoor Hug Rug Mats - £23.99 - £59.99

I can’t forget about our lovely Hug Rug designs for you to consider. They’re not just ideal for your front door either as we even have bath mat designs too! From contemporary stripes and zig zag designs through to our themed collections that help to raise money for a number of charities close to our heart. There’s lots to choose from and unfortunately I can’t even pick my favourite to help you out (I love them all!) but there are a few new designs that I’m super excited about. 

Hug Rug with wellies and mud.

Oven Gloves & Kitchen Apron - £24.99 - £25.99

Do you have a budding baker in the family? Or a friend that’s always looking to try out new recipes? Then either of these products would be the perfect gift. Our cute designs will bring a sense of fun to your friend or family member’s kitchen, no matter which gift you choose. Just like our mugs, these products are both designed, manufactured and hand printed in Great Britain, so you’ll be supporting the local economy too, go you!

Woman cooking in kitchen with dog by her side

My Rug - £25.99 - £38.99

We all know someone who without fail drops spaghetti bolognese down their bright white top or tips over their glass of red wine onto the carpet, every time (what a waste). Well this next gift is ideal for those with a clumsy nature. My Rugs are stain-resistant and washable! Plus they’re available in a number of on-trend colours, so you’re sure to find one to suit your friend or family member’s style. They can relax knowing they can pop their new gift in the washing machine whenever the red wine goes flying again. 

Woman spilling wine on My Rug

Hug Rug Sense Mats - £29.99

Here at Hug at Home, we thought it just made sense to recycle waste plastics into beautiful, sustainable products - this wonderful range of mats that are perfect for the front door or the bathroom (or anywhere in the home really). They’re luxurious, super soft, perfect for soaking up spills and are stain resistant. They’ll look great in anyone’s home, so are the ideal gift for just about anyone, pretty easy this gift giving business isn’t it?

Girls in wellies walking across hug rug

Bamboo Bath Towel & Bath Sheet - £35 - £55

Now I mentioned earlier how our Bamboo face towels could be the ideal stocking filler this Christmas, well, time to meet their bigger brother and sister. With one of our super soft Bamboo towels or sheets, your loved one will surround themselves in luxury every time they jump out of the bath or shower. Who knows, they may even look forward to getting out during the winter months!

Girl wrapped up in white towel

Woven Cushions - £34.99

Nothing spruces up or transforms a room as quickly as a lovely new cushion, I’ve got several dotted around my house, I can’t get enough of them. Whether it’s to go on the sofa in your Mum’s living room or to decorate your friend’s bed, we’ve got lots of gorgeous and stylish designs to choose from. They’re also made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and are stain and mould resistant too. Thinking about it, I may have to add a couple of these to my list this year…

Assorted cushions with cute puppy

Car Boot Protector - £39.99

I’ve always loved going on little adventures with my gorgeous little pug, Bob. The clean up and claw scratches on the car afterwards, not so much. That’s why we got our heads together here at Hug at Home to come up with a product that not only protects your car boot, but looks great whilst doing it. They’re an ideal gift for any friends or family who have a furry family member of their own, Bob loves his and gives it a big paws up!

Dog in car boot protected by car boot mat

Woven Throws - £44.99

You may be sensing a theme by now, but I’m so proud of how we and our partners recycle plastic bottles and turn them into amazing new products and our woven throws are no exception. They’re so warm and cosy and feel just like wool, it’s amazing how they do it! Ideal for both inside during the winter months and outside on those late summer nights, whoever receives this will absolutely love you for it. 

Girl wrapped up in woven throw

If You Want To Spend A Little Extra…

If you do have a little bit extra to spend this Christmas and I haven’t quite managed to tickle your fancy with any of the gifts in the guide so far, then we do have a few other more expensive gifts to consider. 

Did you know that some of our Hug Rug’s come in a runner version too? They’re priced between £49.99 and £81.99 and are the perfect gift to spruce up a house. We have lots of lovely larger rug designs available too. Starting from £72, you’re sure to find a design that’s the ideal gift, in fact, the hard part will be choosing just one!

Girl unwrapping bow on Hug Rug

I mentioned earlier how Bob travels in style whenever we go on one of our adventures. Well when he’s tired his little legs out and we come back home, he heads straight for his pet bed near the radiator. He absolutely loves it and I’m sure your furry best friend will too. Starting at £99.99, there’s lots of sizes available, so no matter if it’s for a Doberman or a Dachshund, they’ll be super comfy after a long walk. 

Dog laid on woven dog bed

Well I need a cuppa and a cheeky mince pie after all that! I really hope there’s something in there that’ll put a smile on your loved one’s face this Christmas. I have given you quite a lot of choices (sorry, I get excited!) So if you’re unsure what to choose, there’s always a handy gift card, which starts from £10 and goes all the way up to a whopping £100 (hey big spender).

Happy Shopping!

Busy Lizzie x