The Best Runners For Your Home

Busy Lizzie @

I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve noticed it’s starting to get a bit warmer recently which means we’re heading out of winter and towards spring! Unfortunately this hasn’t stopped the rain!

Thank god I’ve got my trusty Hug Rug at the front door, it’s been working overtime recently to dry our wet and muddy shoes and Bob’s paws! The matching runner has been a lifesaver too and has got me thinking recently about how great runners are for the home.

Not only do they transform any space in your home but they protect your floors (especially hard flooring!) and help to insulate them, trapping heat and providing a nice treat for your tootsies.

I’ve done everyone a favour (you’re welcome!) and put together a guide to some of my favourite runner styles and which rooms in the home you need to be using them. Let’s dive in shall we?


Your hallway is the first area of your home guests will see so greeting them with a warm welcome is important! My favourite type of runner to use in the hallway is (you guessed it), a Hug Rug runner! Not only are they fantastic at keeping all that horrible dirt, dust and mud off your lovely clean floors, but they look gorgeous too! And better yet, once they’re starting to look a bit mucky, all you have to do is pop them in the washing machine at 30ºC to get them looking clean again!

I absolutely love our newest Herdy Hug Rug design, it’s so cute and such a fun welcome for guests which is why I think it’s perfect for the hallway! It’s certain to brighten up anyone’s home. Our Sense Hug Rug range also offers a great selection of hallway runners that bring an elegant and luxurious feel to any space.

Or better yet (get ready for some big news), we’ve launched a brand new Hug Rug range! Introducing our sculptured washable Hug Rugs, made with a loop pile that creates very stylish high and low levels that not only looks great but are very practical too! They’re available in 2 trendy designs and 2 colours, a classic ivory shade or a gorgeous neutral mink

And remember to pair your runner with a matching Hug Rug at the front door for best protection of your floors!

A matching stripy door mat and runner in a hallway featuring a sheepSomeone walking across an ivory sculptured runner with bare feet


I’m sure you can all agree with me that the kitchen is one of the messiest rooms in the house and sees the most splashes and spills on the floor! That’s why having a Hug Rug runner down on the floor in this room is essential to keep floors dry, clean and protected from food spillages and splashes from washing the dishes. Plus when they’re looking a bit messy all you have to do is pop them in the wash at 30ºC and they’ll be looking as good as new again!

They’re also super soft underfoot, providing support and comfort when you’re busy cooking up a storm and protecting your feet from cold, hard tiles!

My favourite designs for the kitchen are bright and colourful ones like our Stripe Red 2 Rug and Nature 40 Rug. They add such a happy and vibrant touch to the space!

A floral kitchen runner in front of an aga ovenA dog running across red stripy runners on a kitchen floor

In Front of Double Doors

If you’ve got a set of double doors in your kitchen, living room or conservatory, then putting a Hug Rug runner in front of them is a must! With pets and kids coming in and out from the back garden, you need to protect your floors from muddy feet/paws and a runner is the perfect way to do so!

A nature themed door mat and matching runner at a back doorA dog laid down on a green door mat and matching runner featuring a pheasant

I hope if you’ve learnt anything today it’s how practical runners can be and how they can be used in more spaces than just the hallway! 

If a Hug Rug runner isn’t quite for you and you’re after a different look for your home or in need of a longer runner for a long, narrow space, we have a lovely collection of rug runners available too! Our jute runners make a big style impact in small spaces and our wool runners are fab for hard flooring and high traffic areas. 

With so many styles and designs available, I’m sure you’ll have fun finding the best runners for your home and transforming your spaces with them!

Busy Lizzie x