Tips To Spruce Your Home Up For Spring

Busy Lizzie @

Spring officially starts today (20th March), hurray! We are finally out of the cold, dark and dreary winter months and longer and warmer days are ahead of us. But not only is it the first day of spring today but it’s also International Day of Happiness, how fitting! 

Do you want to know one of my secrets to happiness? A good old spruce up of the house of course and what better time to do so than now. So grab your bright and colourful decor, your gardening tools and your cleaning supplies because it’s time to give your home some Hugs and love in time for spring.

Bring in bright colours

Spring is all about lovely, bright pastel colours so it’s time to bring back the colourful accessories. Brighten up your living room, bedroom or other social spaces with some of our Hug Rug Woven throws and cushions. I love using pastels during the spring months for a pop of colour that isn’t too bold but still looks bright and refreshing. And as the weather starts to warm up (thank god) you might even choose to start sitting outside again, I know I definitely will be! Our woven range is perfect for outdoor use too so make sure you add some cosy accessories for relaxing in the garden on an evening.

Woven cushions, throws and rugs covering an outdoor areaWoven cushions and throws on a chair in a living room


And why not freshen up your entrance area and bring some colour and cheer to your home the minute you step through the front door with a gorgeous Hug Rug design? Our Rabbit 1 Hug Rug design is super adorable and is perfect for spring, especially with Easter just around the corner!

My favourite tip for brightening up the home however is by adding vases of lovely flowers in as many rooms as I can and bringing a bit of nature inside. Or better yet, pop down a floral Hug Rug and you can have flowers that will last all season.
A front door mat with a daffodils onPeople walking over a front door mat with a rabbit design

Carry out a spring clean

Now, cleaning isn’t my idea of fun but it must be done to go into the season feeling fresh. Make sure to check out my list of handy tips for a quick spring clean to make the process go by as quickly as possible! I also find that putting on some uplifting music helps me to get into the mood and I can’t help but dance around the house as I’m cleaning (burning off some calories in the process!)

There’s something magical about a squeaky clean and organised space though - it feels so much more calming and relaxing. So polish your surfaces until they’re sparkling, get your windows gleaming and declutter any junk or old items you’ve got lying around the house to make more space. (Ady’s been begging me to clear through the wardrobe for ages now and complains he’s not got enough space for his shirts, oops!)

Of course if you’ve got a Hug Rug in your hallway, entrance and kitchen then they will have done half the work for you and you won’t have to worry about getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing the floors - no one enjoys that!

A young girl scrubbing a tiled floor next to a doormat

Prepare your garden

And last but not least, it’s finally time to get back out into the garden as it wakes up after winter and to get it ready for the warmer weather! Now is the perfect time to start preparing the garden so you don’t have to worry about it when the sun comes out and you can enjoy all your time outside relaxing.

Start by breathing new life into your plants and getting some new, colourful flowers blooming across the garden to brighten up your outdoor area. Next, dust off your garden tools and tackle any pesky overgrown branches or fallen leaves to get your garden looking tidier.

And last (but certainly not least), add some garden accessories and decor to cheer up your outside areas. I love popping down an outdoor rug during the warmer months as it makes a big difference and can completely transform your outdoor seating area, turning it into an inviting and cosy sanctuary. Our range of woven washable rugs are perfect for outdoor use during spring and summer and I particularly love our aztec range of designs - they’re so stylish!

A blue aztec print rug in a garden patio

And there you have it - the top tips you need to follow to get your home looking spotless and spruced up for spring. I know they don’t sound like super fun tasks to some people but believe me, you’ll be thankful once you’ve done them and your house and garden are looking neat, tidy and fabulous.

Right, it’s time to stop procrastinating and go practice what I preach and start the cleaning!

Busy Lizzie x