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I’ve gone a bit cleaning crazy recently! I’m just so excited to be welcoming friends and family back into my home after so long! But if we want to carry on dishing out the hugs, we need to up our hygiene game. After all, the most important thing we can do is keep our loved ones as safe as we possibly can! That’s why I’m sharing my top 5 tips on how to keep your house hygienic when welcoming people back into your home.


Identify frequent touchpoints

If you hadn’t already guessed, frequent touchpoints are the specific points around our home that we touch… frequently! Common examples include door handles, light switches, taps and toilet handles. But don't forget about the handheld gadgets - antibacterial wipes are handy for disinfecting remote controls and keys, as well as mobile phones and gaming controllers (if you ever get a chance to pry them out of the kids’ hands!). We should be cleaning these touchpoints with disinfectant everyday, but as long as we’re cleaning them before and after welcoming loved ones back into our homes, we’re preventing transmission via these touchpoints and doing our best to keep each other safe.

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Replace hand towels every few days

I’m guilty of this one! How many times have we not been able to remember the last time we changed the hand towels? Too many to count! From bath towels to tea towels, our hands are touching these multiple times a day. Even if your hands are squeaky clean, there’s always the risk that some pesky, hidden germs have managed to sneak into the fibres, and end up right back onto your hands! For better protection against the growth and transmission of bacteria, wash your towels with disinfectant every few days, and enjoy a more hygienic home.


Clean your cleaning supplies!!!

You may be thinking “surely if my cloths and sponges are covered in cleaning products, that means they’re clean, right?” Wrong! If you’re using reusable cloths, pop them in your washing machine as soon as you’re finished with a scoop of detergent. Try not to use the same cloth for multiple areas, as you may just be transferring germs from one part of your house to another. We want to get rid of them, not give them a free tour of our home!


Wash, wash, wash your hands!

Captain obvious here, I know! But there really is no better way to stop the spread of bacteria than a good old scrub of your hands. The only reason we have to identify (and clean) touch points is because those are the spots our grubby fingers touch the most! By getting into a regular habit of washing our hands for 20 seconds, we can spend less time cleaning and more time with our loved ones! Win win! If counting to 20 is too boring for you, why not sing 2 rounds of “Happy birthday” instead? Or even the chorus of “Staying Alive” as fabulously demonstrated by the lovely Jo!



Make your home a shoe free zone!

I have our gorgeous antibacterial / antiviral Hug Rugs at our doors as they trap and prevent growth of up to 99.9% of those pesky viruses we’ve been dealing with recently! But for that extra 0.1% of protection, I make sure the kids (and Ady!) remove their shoes at the front door and slip on some cosy socks or slippers. Not only will this simple action prevent germs from entering your home, it’ll encourage your guests to bring along their funkiest socks… just hopefully not the smelly kind! 

 Anti Viral - Hug Rug Mushroom


Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas on how to keep your loved ones safe during these unprecedented times, so you can enjoy giving and receiving those hugs you very much deserve!


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