Why You Need A Hug Rug In Your Kitchen

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Let’s get Huggy in the kitchen! Kitchens are the busiest, most high traffic areas in our homes and let’s be honest, they see quite a bit of mess. The best way to get around this, I’ve found, is by using a kitchen mat as they’re fab for protecting your floors and keeping them fresh and sparkling clean. And what better floor mat to use in your kitchen than a Hug Rug! 

Now I might be a little bit biased on this one, but a Hug Rug is truly the best non-slip, washable kitchen mat there is. Let’s take a deep dive into the benefits of using a Hug Rug in your kitchen shall we?

Absorb spills and splashes

I love getting busy in the kitchen and cooking up a delicious meal, but that doesn’t come without a few spills along the way. I have no worries about spilling or dropping food on my kitchen floor when I have a Hug Rug (or three!) in place. As they’re super absorbent, any pesky sauce spills are soaked up and then I can simply pop it in the washing machine and it comes out looking brand new.

Also, I don’t know about you but washing up the dishes seems to cause a lot of splashes in my house (especially when Ady’s on washing up duties!) so having a kitchen runner down in front of my sink is essential for keeping my floors dry.

A young girl washing a mug over a kitchen runner matSomeone picking spaghetti off a grey kitchen floor runner

Add comfort and warmth underfoot

No one enjoys standing on hard, cold tiles in their kitchen, especially first thing in the morning. With a Hug Rug as your desired kitchen floor mat, you won’t have to worry about this and you’ll even save yourself some pennies by not having to put the underfloor heating on! 

Our fabulous Hug Rugs are made from soft cotton fibres that provide both comfort and support for your feet whilst you're busy cooking, giving your tootsies a plush and cosy treat. If you’re after a plain kitchen floor mat, yet still want something soft and luxurious, then our Hug Rug Sense range is the ideal choice.

Someone stood on a floral kitchen runner in front of an aga ovenA dog lying on a brown kitchen runner

Utilise different sizes

One of the best things about Hug Rugs is that most of our designs come in different sizes so you can use multiple kitchen mats across your floors in different areas! Our 65x100cm range of Hug Rugs are the perfect size for popping down in front of your aga oven, like this adorable Chicken 1 floor mat

If you have a long, narrow galley style kitchen then a runner mat is ideal for covering floors in these spaces. Kitchen runner mats work wonders in front of counters and sinks for extra coverage from all those spills and splashes! We even have a super cute size that’s designed for kitchens and is great in front of sinks, counters or anywhere that takes your fancy.

A chicken kitchen floor mat in front of an aga ovenA woman stood in a kitchen decorated with kitchen runners

Add personality to your space

Why just stop at functional when you could have fabulous too? Elevate your kitchen decor with a Hug Rug, bringing some character and colour to this space thanks to our fabulous range of designs! Our collections include bold patterned mats, adorable animal mats or plain, neutral mats for those who prefer a more contemporary choice of style.

Switching up your Hug Rug design can instantly transform the look and feel of your room so why not match your kitchen mat to the seasons? A floral mat is the perfect choice now that spring has arrived and a strawberries mat will look fab during the summer months.

2 children in a kitchen sat on a mushroom kitchen runner matA young girl sat with a vase of flowers on a floral kitchen runner

As you can see, not only will a Hug Rug look great in your kitchen, but there are so many practical benefits to them too. I have multiple Hug Rugs in my kitchen and they’re absolute lifesavers at protecting my floors and stopping anyone from slipping and sliding across the room, especially our four legged friends! That’s right, not only will you love your Hug Rug but your pets will too, especially any older pooches who don’t like hard floors as they’ll have something soft to snuggle up on!

So what are you waiting for, go get yourself a stylish new Hug Rug for your kitchen!

Busy Lizzie x