Winter Rugs to Bring Warmth To Your Home

Busy Lizzie @

Winter is just around the corner and I could not be more excited for the Christmas season to get into full festive swing! I’m not excited however for the chilly weather that comes with it. I’m shivering just thinking about how icy cold it can get during the winter!

I’ve been getting prepared for the bitter weather by bulking out my winter wardrobe with some new jumpers, coats and fluffy scarves (much to Ady’s dismay - he already complains I have too many clothes!), as well as getting the house winter ready. “How?” do I hear you ask? With some snuggly winter rugs of course! Let me run you through some of my favourite rug styles to give your home a warm and cosy feeling during winter - they might just save you a few pennies on your energy bill too!

Wool Rugs

If you’re looking for a good quality rug that will help to keep your house warm whilst also looking absolutely gorgeous, then look no further than a wool rug. I won’t bore you with the facts but all you need to know is that wool is a very warm material and is fantastic for keeping in the heat! 

Wool rugs make for the perfect addition on top of hardwood floors to keep your tootsies toasty, saving you from having to put the underfloor heating on. And even better they’re luxuriously soft and come in loads of sizes, colours and styles - you’ll have so much fun shopping for the right one!

A bedroom featuring a large coral pink wool rug underneath the bed

Sheepskin Rugs

You can’t go wrong with a sheepskin rug when it comes to winter! Gorgeously soft and snuggly, they’re the perfect rug for when the colder weather settles in. Pop down a double sheepskin rug in front of your fireplace for the ultimate winter scene or place them down by the side of your bed for a comfy and plush experience to start your day off right! There’s nothing better than sinking your feet into a fluffy rug on a frosty morning. 

The benefits don’t end there however! Sheepskin rugs can also be used to add extra comfort and style to your furniture by draping them over armchairs and wooden benches.

A young girl sat on a navy sheepskin rug draped over an armchair drawing

Runner Rugs

Last but not least, you want to make sure you aren’t forgetting about those long, narrow areas of your home, such as hallways and the spaces between your kitchen counters - they deserve the comfort of a rug too! This way you’ll also be providing warmth across more areas of your home, especially where you have hardwood flooring or tiles. No one enjoys walking across a freezing cold floor when off to make their morning cuppa!

At Hug at Home, we have some lovely rug runners available to fit these spaces. Our estelle natural and estelle sky grey rug runners are perfect if you have a natural, contemporary decor style in your hallway. Plus they’re made from 100% wool so they’ll be extra cosy and snug! Or if you’re wanting to bring a splash of colour to your kitchen and some soft cushioning to your floors, pop down one of our borders runner rugs.

A grey wool rug runner displayed in a hallway in front of the front door

 So there you have it, the best rug styles to choose from to keep your house warm and toasty this winter! As you can see, there are plenty of choices to be made and I’m jealous of you all for getting to go rug shopping as I’ve been put on a ban for buying too many (oops!). It won’t stop me from window shopping though!

Busy Lizzie x