World Bamboo Day

Busy Lizzie @

Did you know today is World Bamboo Day? Did you know that Hug At Home have a beautiful collection of bath mats made out of bamboo? And did you know that bamboo is one of the World’s fastest growing and most sustainable resources? Bamboo is an amazing resource that many people don’t know about!

Did you know...
  • It produces over 30% more oxygen into the air compared to an equivalent mass of trees and it absorbs carbon dioxide. You’ll get an oxygen high from it which makes you happier and relieves tension and headaches - book me a flight to a bamboo forest!
  • The reason bamboo is so renewable is that when bamboo is harvested it continues to grow new shoots from its root system. It’s own leaves that have fallen to the floor provide all the nutrients bamboo needs to grow!
  • It is antimicrobial (which is basically a natural anti-bacterial) and what’s even better is that these properties aren’t destroyed during the manufacturing process!
  • You can eat it (even if you’re not a panda). It has very little fat and calories - I can’t imagine it tastes very nice, pass me some chips instead.


Turns out bamboo is a pretty useful natural resource to have! We use it because the fibres that are made from bamboo are so soft and luxurious that they feel like silk or cashmere, and obviously because it’s natural and sustainable - win, win!


Busy Lizzie x