Zero Waste Week 2022

Busy Lizzie @

If you didn’t already know, this week is Zero Waste Week - and let’s be honest, everyone already knows how much I care about the environment!

A big chunk of our products are made of natural or recycled materials - like our Hug Rug Sense range which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! We are also a ZERO waste to landfill business, so this week is an important one to all of us here at Hug at Home.

What is Zero Waste Week? Well, it’s an opportunity to raise awareness about the terrible impact waste has on the environment. Apparently, every person in the UK throws away FIVE times their own body weight in waste per year! As well as contributing to climate change and air pollution, that’s just a huge waste of household items like food, too - and no food goes to waste in my house!

So if you’re interested in getting involved but you just don’t know how, let me give you a few tips!

Organise or Take Part in a Beach Clean-Up

As proud Yorkshire folk, we’re never shy when it comes to rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty! So whether you want to organise one yourself or join in with a planned event, a beach clean-up is a fab way to reduce waste and help the environment.

It’s amazing (and not in a good way) how much litter you’ll find on the beach. And if the beach isn’t your thing or you’re not local to one, you can always litter pick in your local area!

Become a Food Hero

I LOVE my food, but I also love my leftovers! When you finish your tea at night, instead of chucking it all in the bin - why not save it for tomorrow’s lunch? Whether you freeze it and save it for later or use it as an ingredient in another meal (leftover soup is my favourite go-to!), all these little things add up and help reduce the amount of waste you produce at home.

And if you don’t already, you can also start supporting local food producers. By supporting small businesses, you help fight pollution by reducing delivery journeys in trucks and other heavy CO2 emitters! Plus local food is always delish, and I do love a good trip to the farm shop!

Use Reusable Products Only

I know it can be tricky, but for one week only, try to use as many reusable products as you possibly can! I’m talking reusable water bottles, cups, straws, shopping bags, nappies (double check they’re clean!), makeup remover pads, cleaning cloths - you name it!

Basically, what I’m saying is that if you can re-use it, use it!

Keep Calm and Always Recycle

Always remembering to recycle is easier said than done (we’re all guilty of it now and again), but it’s so important to try. Every time you recycle something, it reduces the amount of waste deposited in landfills and helps to avoid pollution and save energy, too.

Don’t just chuck your paper and plastic in your regular bin. Clean your plastics, dry it, and pop it in the green one! (Or red, or black, or whatever colour your recycling bin is.)

And recycling doesn’t just mean paper and plastic. We actually use recycled clothes to make the cotton tufting in all our Hug Rugs, 6.5 million garments per year to be exact! So, try to think about what you’re throwing away before you do. Chances are it could be recycled.

Raise awareness yourself

How can people take part in Zero Waste Week if they don’t even know about it? Well, like I’m doing now, raising awareness is one of the best ways to get involved and do your bit to help.

If you have social media, you can start by holding off sharing dog memes (guilty!) and share articles or facts about the Zero Waste Week awareness campaign instead. Or you could even start a fundraiser! You could do anything from a sponsored walk (or even better - a sponsored litter pickup), to a bake sale or coffee morning. As well as raising awareness and encouraging more people to take action, you can donate all the money you raise to environmental charities, like the Ocean Conservation Trust.

Take it to work

If you’re not in charge of making company-wide decisions, speak to someone who can implement a few changes in the workplace during Zero Waste Week! If you work in an office, things like removing plastic cups from the water cooler or getting rid of individual desk bins to encourage recycling can really help.

If you work with kids, this is also a perfect opportunity to encourage them to get involved in helping the environment too. Start ‘em young is what I say!

We’re constantly striving to minimise the negative impact we have on the environment. So if you have any other ideas of ways to get involved with Zero Waste Week, please let me know on social media! I’d love to hear them!

Busy Lizzie x