4 Reasons You Should Buy British!

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Here at Hug At Home we’re not just an online retailer, we’re British Manufacturers (if I haven’t already told you)! In fact, we’ve been manufacturing in good ol’ Yorkshire since 1954 - well not me personally but 4 generations of the Mosley’s worth! Sadly we’ve seen a decline in other British manufacturing companies over the years, which is partly why buying British is so important to me, we need to support each other.


Hug at Home Mill

But not only that, here are 4 other reasons you should buy British -


1. It Helps The Economy

Now more than ever, the UK economy needs support. When you buy British, you’re helping to create jobs for British people and keep them in employment! The majority of our fabulous team live just a stone's throw away from the mills, no seriously most of them are just able to walk to work they live so close! 



2. You Get a Personal Touch 

I don’t know about anyone else but I find that when you buy British you get that extra special British touch! And that’s no different here at Hug At Home, our lovely Hug team are on hand to help however they can and love to chat to our gorgeous customers. Our Carol, Leanne and Naomi are just the best (maybe I’m a bit biassed but it’s true), they even sometimes get flowers and cards from customers who they’ve helped which is a true testament to how amazing they are! Even if I am a bit jealous, where’s my flowers?! 


Two girls hugging on a doorstep


3. It’s Great For The Environment 

Okay, so some of you might be sick of hearing me bang on about the environment! But I’m going to do it anyway! When you buy British, less vehicles are used to transport products and materials, which means there’s less greenhouse gases being released into the air! 

The Hug Rugs are tufted, printed, backed, cut, finished and packaged all in our lovely mill in Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on being zero to landfill here at Hug At Home! And we use recycled materials wherever possible, or make sure the materials are sustainable if using recycled isn’t possible. 

By reducing our carbon footprint, we can all be a part of helping save our wonderful planet. 



4. You Get High-Quality Products 

Did you know that British manufacturing is among the best in the world? Yep! Just another reason why we’re so proud to make our products in our mills in Huddersfield. So, not only are you helping the economy and saving the planet - you’re investing in top quality products that we promise will stand the test of time (we even have a 5 year guarantee on all our Hug Rugs)!

Buy once and buy right I always say!


Little boy playing with leaves on a doorstep

Thank you all so much for continuing to buy British with us. How we make things is so important to everyone here at Hug At Home, all our love, care and attention is poured into every single product! 

I’m feeling quite patriotic after writing all this. I think I may go and celebrate our wonderful nation with a tasty scone and a nice cuppa!

Busy Lizzie x