Do Your Bit For The Planet in 2023

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We’re big believers in doing our bit for the environment here at Hug at Home. After all, climate change is a real problem that we should all be looking to help reduce and ultimately, hopefully solve. That’s why we’ve always looked to engage in sustainable practices where we can and we’ve made it our mission to make rubbish beautiful.

Every year we recycle over 6.5 million t-shirts, 16 million plastic bottles and an unbelievable 190 tonnes of industrial plastic to make our fabulous products, go us! By taking advantage of lots of clever technology (de-polymerisation and re-polymerisation, check me out with these big words!) we can take waste plastics from the ocean, landfills and all sorts of places they shouldn’t be and create lots of lovely new products that look fantastic in your home. 

Every little helps and small changes to your daily life can end up making a big difference. So I’ve put together a little list of five things that you can do to reduce your individual carbon footprint and at the same time, help the planet this year. 

1. Reduce Your Waste and Energy Use

Most of us are guilty of wastage, like using single use coffee pods or forgetting to turn off our appliances at the plug. These and many other instances of wastage are all avoidable by just being a teeny little bit more conscious of the actions we take. I’ve recently switched to using reusable coffee pods for example and turning things off at the plug (this took a while).

Up-cycle items instead of throwing them away or even re-home them via a charity shop. Old jumpers, skirts, t-shirts and jeans can be up-cycled into all sorts of crafty and clever items (like our Hug Rugs). There’s lots of online help too, so it’s time to get creative, you’ve got this!

Plastic and cardboard waste

2. Eat More Sustainably

Amazingly, what we eat is responsible for around a quarter of all global greenhouse gases, wow! Also, with so many mouths to feed (7.7 billion and counting), increasing amounts of land are being given over to food production, which is destroying a number of natural habitats. 

This all sounds pretty serious (and it is) but by moving away from a primarily meat based diet, you can help to reduce the demand for meat products and in turn, the impact on the environment. Eating more fruit and veggies is really good for you too and there’s lots of tasty recipes that don’t require any meat to be delicious - even after Veganuary. 

Salad dish

3. Buy More Eco-Friendly Products

We can all be a little more conscious when it comes to what products we buy and where they come from. I know it’s easy to take advantage of a ‘good deal’ when you see one, but sometimes by spending a little bit more, you end up with a better product and one that you can use again and again - buy once and buy right is what I always say!

By reducing the number of single use items and swapping them out for reusable ones, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment and you’ll look great with your new reusable coffee cup.

Also, do a little bit of research into all your favourite brands to see how sustainable their practices are. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Hug at Home and we’ve got lots of amazing products that are made from recycled materials, but I bet you couldn’t tell!

Two girls carrying recyclable materials

4. Raise Money For and Donate To Eco Causes

There’s lots of amazing eco-friendly causes out there and we look to support many of them through sales of our lovely charity Hug Rug designs. From the brilliant Bumblebee Conservation Trust to the amazing Ocean Conservation Trust they’re all really worthwhile causes that are really close to my heart. So why not spruce up your home whilst doing your bit for the planet? 

Everyone loves a scrummy cake too, so why not raise some extra money for these causes and more through a bake sale? Or if you’re feeling really adventurous, take part in a marathon or brave something like Tough Mudder (some of our bravest team members took on the challenge last summer - I made sure they had a drink waiting for them at the finish line)! Whatever you choose to do, every little helps, so thank you!

Hug at Home employees after completing Tough Mudder

5. Let Your Garden Grow

Planting a variety of flowers into your garden will not only make your garden look really pretty but will also attract a diverse range of wildlife to your garden such as bees, butterflies, caterpillars and various species of birds (I do love starting the day with a little bird watching session through my kitchen window).

Don’t always reach for the mower at the first sign of a bit of grass growth either, as a bit of length is great for all sorts of wildlife. Leaving a section of your lawn longer will provide shelter, protection from predators and maybe even a place for animals such as hedgehogs to start a little family, aww, so cute!

Hedgehog in grass

As you can see, there’s lots of ways to do your bit to help the planet during 2023, many of which I’ve been trying out over the last few months. I’ll be making it my mission to implement even more this year too and further reduce my carbon footprint. I hope you can join me in doing so too!

Make sure you spread the word so that more and more people can see the importance of doing their bit and can join in. After all, together we can make a difference!

Busy Lizzie x