Busy Lizzie’s Guide to Door Mats

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Autumn has well and truly arrived and the time has come to welcome darker nights, knitted jumpers and cosy evenings in front of the fire, all snuggled up. I can’t wait!

The arrival of autumn however also means a change in weather, with rain and mud threatening to ruin our sparkling floors. Of course, there’s a solution to this and I think you all know what I’m going to say… door mats!

That’s right, popping down a door mat at your front door, either inside or outside (or even better, both!) will help keep your floors clean this season, whilst also adding an extra dash of colour and style to your home. 

The question is, what do you need to consider when buying a new door mat? Well, there’s actually quite a bit you know! From the colour and design through to the material and location. 

For example, I bet you think that all door mats are made out of the same material? But that isn’t the case! Door mats are actually made out of various materials and each one is better suited for different environments. That’s why I’ve taken a look at our range of door mats and put together this handy little guide that covers everything door mats!


Let’s start with outdoor mats and first up are our wonderful Hug Rugs, now you may already know that we have plenty of Hug Rug designs that are perfect for inside your home, but did you know that some of our Hug Rugs are made specifically with the outdoors in mind?  

Our Outdoor Hug Rug range is the perfect companion to your indoor Hug Rug and they help to stop mud before it even enters your home! They’re super easy to clean with a jet wash and are UV protected too (very clever) ensuring that the sun doesn’t zap their colour away!

Our Coir door mats are another amazing option, plus they are eco-friendly (we’re all about sustainability here!) as they’re made from natural coconut husk fibres. They’re hard-wearing, long lasting and ideal for scraping dirt off your shoes, plus you can choose from a range of gorgeous designs to find the right one for your home. We’ve also just released a whole bunch of new coir door mat designs just in time for autumn too!

If you’re looking for an outdoor mat that’s a bit more tough and durable, then our Rubber Cross Hatch door mat is maybe the one for you. Heavy duty and easy to clean, it’s great at keeping all that pesky mud and dirt out of the house.

A pair of feet stood on a coir outdoor mat saying hello there in pink writing

Front Door

When it comes to your front door, one of our wonderful (if I do say so myself) Hug Rugs designed for inside the home is the perfect choice. It’s sure to bring a splash of colour, a touch of contemporary style or traditional elegance to your home. That’s because there are so many designs to choose from, so I’m sure you’ll find a Hug Rug (or several) to love!

However, as it's autumn, I feel it’s only right to consider popping down an autumn-themed door mat to get into the seasonal mood. We have so many lovely nature-themed and autumnal Hug Rugs that it’s been a struggle for me to narrow it down to my favourite! But I think I’ve managed it…just! Our wonderfully autumnal Autumn Leaves Charity Mat, is perfect for this time of year.

Not only do our Hug Rugs look absolutely fabulous, they’re also excellent at trapping dirt, dust and mud too, 95% of it to be exact! And when they start looking a bit messy, just throw them in the washing machine at 30ºC and they’ll look as good as new in no time! Plus, they’re manufactured with love by our incredibly talented team in the heart of Yorkshire too.

A dog walking over a front doormat with an autumn leaves design

Back Door

When it comes to your back door, patio door or conservatory door, I think a Hug Rug Runner will look gorgeous. Not only do they bring a touch of colour and personality to your home, but they’re perfect for soaking up the mud from the kids' wellies or doggy paws too. Just like our Hug Rugs, our Hug Rug runners have lots of amazing designs to choose from and pairing the two together looks fab! 

Then there’s our Sense range of luxury eco-friendly mats to consider too. Incredibly, their tufts are made from 100% recycled plastics, but you wouldn’t be able to tell!

As the nights are drawing in and it’s getting a bit chillier, our Sense mat will provide your room with a touch of warmth too (they feel super soft and luxurious under your tootsies), making it a little bit cosier on those autumnal evenings and saving you from having to put the underfloor heating on. You’ll also be thankful for your Sense mat when making your morning cup of coffee as your feet will remain nice and warm when the weather is crisp and cool outside.

A young girl walking barefoot on a sunflower print kitchen runner

And there we have it! The ultimate guide to door mats, provided by a true door mat expert (if I do say so myself). I hope you enjoy shopping for your new door mat, armed with the knowledge and insights I’ve (hopefully) provided you with!

Remember to not only choose a door mat that is practical, but one that complements your home’s style and looks great too.

Busy Lizzie x