Deck The Hallways This Christmas

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By now, most of you will have your Christmas decs up around the house (and outdoors, for those of you willing to brave the chill, brrr). We get ours up on the 1st of December every year without fail. I just can’t wait any longer and always want to make the most of the Christmas period and turn my house into a magical place. I love changing the hallway the most, it’s the first place people come into so I always want to make it special. But what if I told you that Christmas decorations aren’t the only way you can spruce up your hallway this year?

We’ve got a large and lovely collection of runners and doormats that are sure to look the part in your hallway not just over the festive period, but all year round too. From colourful Hug Rugs that will keep your floors clean when friends and family come to visit this Christmas to stain resistant My Rugs that are ideal for those mulled wine and food spills whilst carrying the food and drink from one room to another (when I’m hosting I always like to make sure that there’s an abundance for food and drink in whichever room the family decide to be in).

So without further ado, let me share with you our gorgeous range of rugs and runners that are sure to look so lovely in your hallways that your visitors will be wishing you bought them one for Christmas!


Hug Rug Mats and Runners

Our gorgeous range of Hug Rugs are the perfect addition to any hallway. And they are much easier to change on a regular basis than the decor! I like to change mine to match the seasons.

Not only do they come in a wide range of designs, from our Pheasant and Highland designs to our colourful stripey and spotty creations, but they also trap pesky mud at the door, are machine washable and are also made from recycled materials, which is just fantastic! So not only are they great at keeping your floor clean, but they’re helping to keep the environment clean as well.

They’re a godsend whenever I have friends and family over during those muddy winter months and after big muddy Christmas walks. No more muddy foot (or paw) prints dotted throughout the hallway and into the rest of the house, plus the gorgeous designs have brought a splash of colour and personality to my floor too. The majority of our Hug Rug designs also come in runner options as well, just in case anyone forgets to take off their shoes (looking at you Ady).

My Rug Runners

My Rugs are just fabulous. A wide variety of colourful options, a luxurious feel and they’re stain resistant, what’s not to love? I’ve got a few of them dotted around the house, which is a good job really with the amount of times I’ve spilled a bit of wine on the floor. But after a quick spin in the washing machine, they clean and dry in no time and look as good as new!

Their luscious long pile is so soft on my feet and they never flatten either (our experts have done a good job here, aren’t they clever). That’s right, they’re designed and manufactured within our mill in Huddersfield too. Our experts didn’t stop at just making these comfortable and looking fabulous though, they added an anti-slip rubber backing (that’s handy), made them resistant to nasty things like mould, mildew and bacteria, and they’re also available in a number of sizes and shapes too. Wow, so many features!


Hug Rug Sense Range


Having one (or two) of these in your home just makes sense, hence the name! With tufts made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, you’ll be helping to save the planet one Hug at a time and your hallway will be looking all the better for it too. If you prefer lovely plain colours to pattern these are for you - they come in a range of solid colours from Charcoal and Stone through to our brand new French Navy (ooh la la), so you’re sure to find one that you’ll love.

Once again, these are manufactured right here in the UK, so you’ll be helping the local economy as well, which is just lovely isn’t it? Our amazing team has come up with some rather nifty and clever features within our Sense Range. They’re resistant to mould, mildew, moths, oh and dust and pesky mites, so they’re ideal for allergy sufferers. Also, no matter how much eggnog you spill on it this Christmas, just pop it in the washing machine and it’ll come out looking good as new.


Rug Runners

For something a little more luxurious, why not add one of our stylish and long-lasting wool rugs in our runner sizes? Perfect for these chilly colder months (that I’m not exactly the biggest fan of!) With one of these rugs in your hallway, you’ll instantly provide warmth, comfort and of course, style. Your tootsies will thank you for it too!

With lovely options to suit any kind of interior, from our Chunky Knit that would certainly complement a rustic, farmhouse look, to my personal favourite, our Borders rug, with its gorgeous simplicity suiting new, contemporary homes. If you’re looking for a longer mat to spruce up your hallway rather than a doormat, these are the perfect choice!

As you can see, there’s lots of options available for you to deck your hallway out this Christmas (and beyond). Right, I’ll leave you pondering your choices as there’s a box of Celebrations that hasn't been opened yet and I want to eat a few of my faves before someone nicks them all!

Busy Lizzie x