Give Your Mum a Hug This Mother’s Day

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This month it’s all about the amazing women in our lives and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to treat your Mum, Grandma, friend or anyone you want to show love to this Mother’s Day. And what better than to give them a Hug that’s guaranteed to last! In fact, why not even treat yourself to one too!

Hug Rugs make such wonderful gifts as not only are they cosy and stylish, but they’re super practical too! They help to keep floors and homes sparkling clean as they trap up to 95% of dirt, dust and mud and are machine washable at 30ºC. There is nothing Mum’s love more than to have all the family around but god knows they don’t half leave a mess behind!

With so many benefits to them, a Hug Rug really is the gift that keeps on giving! And with so many wonderful styles available there’s a Hug Rug for every Mum out there.

Mum’s Who Love Flowers

Every Mum loves receiving a gorgeous bunch of flowers, so why not treat them to flowers that will last all year around with a floral Hug Rug? Our Hug Rugs are guaranteed to be long-lasting so there’s no worrying about flowers wilting after a few days, ours will brighten up any room for years to come!

We have a bunch of bloomin’ lovely Hug Rugs available in our nature collection just in time for Mother’s Day, including some fabulous new designs like this stunning Nature 35 Special Edition Hug Rug

A floral door mat with flowers and wellies on top of it

Mum’s Who Love Their Dogs

Let’s be honest, Mum’s love their dogs as much as they love their kids! Bob definitely gets treated the same as all my children… okay maybe he’s a little spoiled but since all of the kids have flown the nest I need someone to spoil! 

If your Mum’s are anything like me then they’ll most definitely love a dog themed Hug Rug, plus they’re a lovely treat for their four legged friends too! We’ve recently released another gorgeous Hug Rug in collaboration with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home that any dog lover would be thrilled to receive - I know I definitely would! And better yet this design is available with a matching runner if you really want to treat your mum this Mother’s Day!

Young girl sat on a dog themed kitchen runner mat feeding a dog

Mum’s Who Love Luxury


If your Mum loves a bit of luxury in her life (who can blame her!) then our range of Sense Hug Rugs are definitely the perfect choice of gift. Luxuriously soft and super stylish, our Sense rugs will bring comfort and elegance to any room in the house that your Mum is guaranteed to appreciate.

A mum holding a baby walking across a rose pink floor runner

The Mum's of Hug at Home

And with Mother’s Day so close I thought it was only fitting to take some time out to put the spotlight on some of the amazing mothers here at Hug at Home! 

First up is Karolina who’s biggest female inspiration in life is her own mum - how lovely! Karolina says, “She is my biggest inspiration, giving it all to raise me and my siblings, always putting us first and just simply being the most loving and supportive person ever.” And her advice to her younger self? Don’t overthink everything - I couldn’t agree more! Pictured below on the right is Karolina with her mum, Beata, who also works with us as a Hug Packer!

Woman holding a babyTwo women in a snowy forest

Next up is Maggie who’s own daughter also works with her here at Hug at Home! As a family run business, it warms my heart to see different generations from other families being welcomed into our team!

A family picture of a man, woman and 2 childrenA woman taking a selfie with her daughter

And finally is Lou who says that the biggest female role model in her life is her grandmother, who taught her to be kind and loving. Here’s Lou pictured with her wonderful family.

A family portrait of a man, woman and 3 children

I hope you all have a lovely Mother’s Day and make it a special one for your Mum, Grandma or special person in your life by letting them know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them!

Busy Lizzie x