Hug Rug vs Doormats, What’s The Difference?

Busy Lizzie @

I was sitting in the conservatory last week enjoying a gin and tonic, soaking up some of this Spring sunshine (about time) and I was thinking, I’m always shouting about how amazing our Hug Rug’s are (with good reason) but I wondered if you really know what makes them so special? 

I wanted everyone to know what really sets them apart from any other doormat and to understand why I love them so much! So here you go, I’ve put together a number of reasons why our Hug Rugs stand out from the crowd. 

Beautiful Designs

Just look at them! From colourful polka dots and multicoloured stripes through to creative designs based on cute animals and beautiful flowers. I’d honestly struggle to pick five favourites from our range, never mind just one!

But if colourful or picture designs aren’t for you, we have plenty of contemporary, solid colour designs that look great in any home. I have one of these near our back door and it works like a dream picking up all the mud from the bottom of Ady’s boots after he’s been tinkering out in the garden (again).

Girl with watering can on Hug Rug

Made From Recycled Materials

We’re all about the environment here at Hug at Home and rightly so! We’re proud to boast that our warehouse operates on a zero to landfill policy and we’ve been recycling cotton and plastic bottles for over 13 years now (wow, time is flying).

Our Hug Rugs are made from up to 90% recycled materials (100% when it comes to our Hug Rug Sense range) and the way we make them is environmentally friendly too. So instead of sitting in landfills or polluting the ocean and harming our sea life, we’re putting plastic to good use and doing our best to help save the planet one hug at a time.

Plastic Bottle On The Beach

Made in The UK

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking to spend my money with businesses and brands close to home and help our local economy when I can. Whilst others may claim that their doormats are made in the UK, ours actually are! So you can be confident that you’re contributing to the British economy and supporting UK manufacturers when buying from us.

Hug Rug in Production

Traps up to 95% of Dirt, Dust and Mud

I couldn’t tell you the number of times my Hug Rug has saved my bacon when it comes to preventing muddy footprints throughout the house. It’s so good at grabbing that dirt off people’s shoes and saving me a job of cleaning my carpets and wooden floors!

Not only that, but they’re super absorbent too, which is ideal when it comes to my Hug Rug runner in the kitchen. I’ve spilled so many things on it in the process of creating my latest culinary masterpiece but it just soaks it all up. This brings me to my next point… 

Muddy Dog on Hug Rug

They’re Machine Washable

That’s right, whenever my Hug Rug mat or runner needs a clean, I just pop it into the washing machine and wash it at 30°C, nice and simple. Just make sure you put it into a pillow case first and use non-bio detergent too and it’ll come out looking as good as new in no time. I love how I can simply hang it on the washing line to dry too!

Please Wipe Your Paws Hug Rug

Non-Slip Eco Friendly Rubber Backing

Most doormats have a rubber backing, I’m certainly not disputing that, however I’m not sure many other doormats have so many clever features in the rubber backing alone. First of all, I’m super proud to say, our Hug Rugs have a fancy Eco-Genics rubber backing that’s made from recycled rubber and plastic. 

Secondly, its waffle design (mmm, I’m suddenly quite peckish) makes sure that the mat stays in place, especially on hard surfaces. So at least you know you’re not going to go flying when you come home from a shopping trip, or if you come bundling into the house like Bob below. Then there’s its anti-stain properties, making sure that no nasty marks are left on your nice polished floors. 

Bob the Pug Running in the House

So now you can hopefully see why I’ve been shouting so much about our Hug Rugs! I’m super proud of them and I think our team has created a super product that looks great in any home. There’s a design for everyone’s tastes, they keep your floors clean and they’re a doddle to keep in tip top shape. So if you haven’t already, go give yourself a hug, you’ll love it!

Busy Lizzie x