Hug Rugs: What Are The Benefits?

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We’ve been busy (as usual!) here at Hug at Home getting some new designs ready to launch for summer. There are a lot of lovely designs to choose from and I’m absolutely spoilt for choice about which one I’m going to place at the front door. I’m torn between our new bee charity mat or something from our recent Herdy collaboration collection… what do you think?

Enough of me harping on about what will look best at my front door, let’s get on to what we really came here today to talk about - Hug Rugs! Yes, I know it’s not much of a topic change but there’s something I specifically want to focus on in today’s post - what are the benefits of a Hug Rug? 

Now, I get asked this question quite often so I thought I’d compile a handy little list of what makes our Hug Rugs so unique and why you need one in your home.

Keep The Mess at Bay

The English weather is so unpredictable you never know what it’s going to be like when you go for a walk. There have been numerous times I’ve taken Bob out and we’ve come back with muddy feet/paws, but I’ve never had to worry about getting my floors dirty thanks to my Hug Rug and matching runner at the front door. 

Hug Rugs trap up to 95% dirt, dust and mud - how handy is that?! This benefit has been a lifesaver for my floors and saved me many a time from having to scrub them clean. They’re even super absorbent and are perfect to lay down in the kitchen to soak up liquids whenever an accident happens. This has happened one too many times to me when cooking up a storm in the kitchen and I’ve always been thankful for the presence of my Hug Rug! The fact that they’re super soft to stand on is an added bonus, great to keep your feet comfortable when you’re working away cooking or baking.

Muddy boots on a front door rug


Hassle-Free Washing

It’s amazing that Hug Rugs are great at trapping dirt and are super absorbent, but no one wants to then leave a dirty mat lying around their home, I know I don’t! Well, have no fear because Hug Rugs are also machine-washable and super easy to clean. 

I love the fact that I don’t have to struggle scrubbing down my mat, I can just throw it in my washing machine and know that it’ll do a better job of getting it clean than I ever could! Here are some of my top tips for cleaning your Hug Rug:

  • Wash at 30ºC on a low spin speed
  • Remove dried dirt and mud before washing (this will save water!)
  • Put it in a cotton pillowcase first to give your Hug Rug a longer life

Floor rugs hung outside on a washing line


Support Some Amazing Charities

Charity means a lot to me and everyone at Hug at Home, which is why we work with 6 incredible charities to support the work they do for the environment and their local communities. Over the years, we’ve designed a range of lovely designs (if I do say so myself) inspired by our chosen charities to raise awareness and charitable donations for them.

Take our Ocean 1 Charity Mat as an example. Every time some lucky person purchases this mat, 10% is donated to the Ocean Conservation Trust. Last year we raised over £2,500 for the organisation - how amazing!

We’re very proud to have raised thousands for our chosen charities, all whilst supplying our customers with some lovely designs for their homes! So next time you’re browsing our selection of Hug Rugs, keep an eye out for the yellow charity symbol next to some of our designs and know that if you purchase that Hug Rug, you’ll be making a charitable donation and helping to make a difference.

Baby sat on a rug with sea turtles on it


Make Eco-Friendly Choices

We put plastic to good use here at Hug at Home. Did you know that a lot of our products are made from recycled plastic bottles? Yes, that’s right! Over 16 million recycled plastic bottles per year are used within the webbing of our Hug Rugs

From the outset, we wanted to ensure we were an environmentally friendly and sustainable company and have taken many measures to make sure this has been carried out. I’m very proud of our environmental status and all the eco-friendly choices we make, which I think help us stand out from the crowd!

A dog and a little girl sat on a front door rug


Designs to Suit All 

A simple but great thing about Hug Rugs is that they come in a range of different designs and make an amazing addition to any home to add a splash of colour if needed!

Animals, flowers, polka dots, we’ve got it all. Even if this isn’t your style and you’re after something a bit more natural, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

A blue floral front door rug with wellies and flowers on top

I hope that has made it all a bit clearer for you and you’re now ready to make your decision on which Hug Rug will earn its place in your home, although a word of warning, you’ll be spoilt for choice! I’ve still not decided which design to put at my front door…

Busy Lizzie x