My Favourite Types of Doormats

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It may be getting warmer, but these spring showers don’t seem to show any signs of stopping soon! So until they do, it’s best to keep your trusty doormats out to catch all the mud and moisture that may attempt to sneak into your nice, clean home.

Doormats, whether you have one inside or outside (or both!), are essential for keeping floors clean, dry and looking fresh. Plus they’re great for making your doorway just that bit more stylish and bringing some personality to the entrance of your home!

If you don’t already have a doormat at your door, then now is the perfect time to purchase one. You’re in luck as I’m about to take you through my favourite types of doormats and where is best to use them. Let’s dive in shall we?

Hug Rugs

This will probably come as no surprise to you all but my favourite type of doormat for indoor use is of course a Hug Rug! Hug Rugs are the best indoor doormats as not only are they super soft, snuggly and welcoming, but they do a fab job at trapping dirt and moisture. Plus, once they’re starting to look a bit mucky, all you have to do is simply pop them in the washing machine at 30ºC to get them looking fresh again!

Our Hug Rugs come in a range of gorgeous colours and patterns, making it easy to find the perfect doormat to match your home decor. Our Hug Rug Sense range is ideal for those who enjoy a contemporary decor style whilst our modern collection of Hug Rugs are perfect for those who want to make a bright, bold statement at their entrance.

We use eco-friendly and sustainable materials to make our Hug Rugs meaning that not only are you bringing style and functionality to your home, but you’re helping to save the planet too!

A blue striped doormat and runner covered in muddy footprints.Muddy boots walking across a green, washable doormat
To get the best use out of your Hug Rug and to keep your floors extra clean, always pair it with an outdoor mat, don’t choose one over the other! By using both, you can effectively trap dirt and debris before it even reaches your floors. Outdoor mats will scrape off the worst of mud while your lovely Hug Rug takes care of any remaining dirt from muddy shoes or paws.

Coir Doormats

One of my favourite types of doormats is the classic coir doormat. They’re durable, great for scraping off dirt and mud from shoes and they’re super sustainable and eco-friendly!

Coir doormats are perfect for high-traffic areas so I love to use them outside my front door. They’re the perfect type of doormat to act as a first line of defence against mud and dirt and can scrape off the worst of it before you step inside.

With coir doormats, you can choose from so many fabulous designs such as vibrant floral patterns like our Printed Coir Daffodil Mat or fun welcome messages like our Hello There Coir Mat to greet your guests with a smile before they even step inside. 

Or switch up the shape of your mat from a plain old rectangle one and opt for something a bit more fun like our Green Scallop Border Coir Mat or our half moon Coir Spot Mat to bring a splash of personality to your doorstep.
A daffodil print coir doormat on a front door stepPrinted coir outdoor doormat that says 'Hello There'

Rubber Doormats

Next, let’s talk about rubber doormats. They might be plain and simple, but they’re so practical! I love to keep a rubber doormat just outside the back door as they’re perfect for scraping off any mud and grass after I’ve been gardening. 

Rubber doormats are a fantastic addition to any garden or back door as they’re hard wearing, non-slip, and incredibly easy to clean. Once mine’s caked up with mud and grass I just take the hose or jet wash and give a spray to get it looking brand new again!

A crosshatched rubber outdoor doormat on a front step

There you have it - my favourite doormats! If there’s one thing I hope you’ve taken away from this is the importance of pairing indoor and outdoor mats for the best protection of your floors. Plus you’ll be creating a welcoming environment that is practical, stylish and greets guests with a warm and cosy hello!

Busy Lizzie x