Step Into Christmas!

Busy Lizzie @

The 1st of December is finally here and you know what that means, Christmas is well and truly underway! It’s time to put the fairy lights up, get the Christmas songs on and enjoy a chocolatey treat from your advent calendar. 

The other day I sent Ady up to the loft to get the Christmas decs down and this weekend will be spent putting the tree up, complete with a cosy log fire and plenty of festive songs. I can’t wait to transform the house into a magical winter wonderland and trust me when I say that every room will be getting the Christmas treatment! 

As soon as someone steps into the house they’ll be met with joy and what better way to do so than with a Christmas Hug Rug! We’ve got some absolutely gorgeous designs this year to bring a merry welcome to your home and allow you to step into Christmas (in the words of Elton John!) every time you walk through the door. Let’s take a look shall we?

Christmas Herdy

Our collaboration with Herdy went down such a treat last time that we just had to partner with them again to create another wonderful design. This time though, Herdy’s had a Christmas makeover! This design is one of my absolute favourites, the Herdy sheep with their Santa hats on are so cute!

A child walking across a front door mat that has sheep with santa hats on

Robin 1

This next design is certain to bring the perfect festive welcome to your front door and it just so happens to be super adorable too! Our Robin 1 Hug Rug features two lovely little robins, nestling up together under a bunch of mistletoe - very romantic! The gorgeous green background and brown border pair nicely together to create a truly festive colour combination and a perfect addition to your decor. Better yet, you can put it away in January with all your other Christmas decs and bring it out year after year for some festive front door cheer!

A Christmas front door mat with two robins on

Owl 1

We launched our Owl 1 Hug Rug earlier in the year but as soon as I saw the design I thought it looked so Christmassy! The tawny owl against the dark blue starry background looks like a scene straight from a Christmas movie and will most definitely stand out at your front door!

A Christmas front door mat with a snowy owl on

Deer 1

Keeping on theme with the Christmassy animals (they’re just too adorable not to mention!) our Deer 1 Hug Rug is a lovely choice, especially if your decoration style is more neutral and contemporary. Even better, this design is also available as a runner so you can pop one down at your patio doors too for a further sprinkle of festive decor!

A young girl walking onto a front door runner with 3 deers on

And remember, not only will your Hug Rug bring a stylish element to your festive decor but they’re also super practical and will help to keep all the muck, moisture and mess off your floors during December! There’s a lot of amazing Hug Rug options for you to choose from, no matter the style of your home. I hope this handy little guide has helped you to find the perfect one to fit with your Christmas decorations!

Now I’m off to open a box of Quality Street, put some mulled wine on the hob and start putting the tree up - I can’t wait!

Busy Lizzie x