5 reasons why Hug Rugs are the best washable mats around

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Yesterday, somebody asked me to give them one reason why Hug Rugs are better than any other doormat on the market. Our Hug Rugs have so many amazing qualities and I don’t think I can limit our gorgeous rugs to only one point, so I had to give them five! I shout about how fabulous our rugs are all the time, so a lot of our lovely customers may already know a few on this list. But just in case you missed any, grab a cuppa (make sure it’s Yorkshire!), put your feet up and let me tell you all about why Hug Rugs are the best washable mats around...

1. They’re made out of recycled materials

We’re serious about sustainability here at Hug at Home! Our mills in West Yorkshire are 100% zero waste to landfill and our Hug Rugs are actually made of 90% recycled materials!

Did you know?
  • Over 6.5 million t-shirts per year make up the super soft, cotton tufting you see on the top of the mat that makes up our lovely designs. That’s a lot of old clothes saved from heading to the dump!
  • Over 16 million plastic bottles and bottle tops per year go into creating the extra tough fibre membrane, which bonds the cotton fibres to the backing. Who knew flimsy plastic bottles could turn into something so strong?!
  • Over 190 tonnes of recycled industrial plastics per year goes into the Eco Genics backing of our Hug Rugs. If you didn’t know how heavy 190 tonnes is, it’s the same weight as a blue whale! So I guess you can say we save 1 plastic blue whale from landfill every year, isn’t that lovely?

We choose to use ethically sourced, sustainable, high quality materials when making our Hug Rugs, which is why they’re the most eco friendly doormat around, if I do say so myself!


2. They’re machine washable

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a pretty hectic schedule (they don’t call me Busy Lizzie for nothing!) so I don’t have time to delicately hand wash all of my soft furnishings when they get a bit grubby. Luckily for us busy bees, due to the strong bonding layer and the flexible rubber backing, Hug Rugs can be machine washed over and over again and come out looking as good as new! How clever is that? Think of all the time you could save which could be spent with the kids, or on a nice pamper session, minus the kids!


3. They’re manufactured in the UK

We’re not your typical online retailer, we’re a British ManufacturerPhoenox Textiles (the company behind the hugs). We’ve been making rugs since 1954 (well, not me personally!), passing down our expertise through four generations of the Mosley family, so it’s safe to say textiles are in our blood! You can learn more about our madhouse in my family blog.

We make all of our Hug Rugs in our gorgeous mills in Huddersfield, which still look as lovely as they did the day we started! 


... and now!

Because we manufacture Hug Rugs right here in the UK, we’re able to check the quality of each and every rug to make sure they meet our high standards (and my standards are really high, just ask Ady!) before we send them off to our lovely customers - that’s you lot!


4. They trap up to 95% of dust, dirt and mud

I may be biased, but I’m proud to call Hug Rugs the UK’s best barrier mat, which means they’re perfect to place at your front door to prevent mucky footprints (and pawprints!) from entering your nice, clean home.

Instead of commonly used cotton fibres, we make our Hug Rugs with microfibres. I’m sure any Mrs Hinch fans will know the power of microfibres! Due to their larger surface area, microfibres trap 3x as much dirt as other fibres! If you were wondering why they’re such fab cleaning tools, now you know! Due to those clever microfibres and their large surface area, our Hug Rugs can also absorb up to 3x their own weight in water! Now that’s one thirsty mat!

5. They’re anti slip and anti stain

We use recycled industrial plastics to make our fabulous Eco Genics backing, which is able to grip onto both polished surfaces and carpets, stopping your mat from slipping or creeping. No slip ups in this house!

As well as being free from vinyl and PVC, the stable rubber compound in our Eco Genics backing is also non-damaging and contains non-staining antioxidants (sounds fancy!), which means no marks will be left on a wide variety of floorings*. Well, not by our Hug Rugs, anyway, we can’t promise your kids (or pets) will be as careful! 



I could talk all day about how amazing our Hug Rugs are, but if you’re still not convinced, you can find out more about why our mats and rugs are fabulous, or get in touch with our lovely Leanne and Carol in customer service who will be more than happy to help! 

Busy Lizzie x


*Please always double check with your flooring manufacturer before placing your Hug Rug on brand new flooring.